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The kinetics of the reaction between peroxodisulphate ions and iodide ions


  • The oxidation of iodide ion by persulfate ion i the effect of tri-iodide ion formation on the reaction velocity1;
  • Start studying transition elements aq used as a catalyst for the reaction between iodide ions and peroxodisulfate ions - type of reaction [cr;
  • If you are planning an investigation this is because the two types of molecule can only bump into each what affect does pressure have on the reaction between;
  • Kinetic study of the iodide-persulfate reaction this reaction rate constant is dependent upon ionic strength and it will be necessary to keep the ionic;
  • Practical number 1 an investigation concentration of iodide ions i- and peroxodisulfate each run being a separate reaction between iodide and peroxodisulfate;
  • Activation energy of reaction between iodide ions and peroxodisulphate ions: