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The biblical story of genesis and the creation by johnson differing perspectives on creation

After a great extinction of reptiles and dinosaurs about 65 million years ago, there was no longer a dominant type of creature on the Earth. This enabled the development of many varieties of warm-blooded mammals, beginning after 65 million years ago.

A lot of people seem to think that all dinosaurs suddenly dropped dead together! That is NOT what happened! Actually, most of the very large types of dinosaurs had completely died out millions of years earlier. But there were still plenty around at 65 million years ago. All science really knows for sure is that by about 63 million years ago, there were no dinosaurs left alive.

So it wasn't like there were millions of dinosaurs on Tuesday and they were all dead on Wednesday. Two million years could have included maybe 200,000 generations of those dinosaurs, and they might have died out gradually over that period or the might have died out more at the same time. No one yet knows! Let us make manafter our likeness. Modern science says that this happened within the last 2-3 million years.

Eventually, societies developed, man developed language, tools, weapons and logic, and has come to dominate over all the earth and its creatures also mentioned in Gen.

Since humans have now gotten to a point of being able to scientifically research their heritage, they find adequate but subtle evidence that exists that supports the theory that they evolved from lesser creatures. This assuages their intellectual curiosity. No absolute proof will EVER be available that that was actually the case to the exclusion of Biblical Creationbut extremely convincing evidence exists to support the scientific point-of-view.

There will NEVER be any way of determining whether the Lord did this all in 6 days and thoughtfully pre-planned for future men's curiosity; or whether He used billions of their years to do it and necessarily had to describe it in terms of days because of the primitive nature of the intellect of the Bible's initial readers.

Also, the early readers didn't comprehend the full scale of the Earth and Sun and Universe.

They still thought the Earth was flat and couldn't possibly move! Adam and Eve - as the sole source of mankind. This might seem like a conflict, but it definitely is not. In fact, science would say that ANY time that a pair of individuals had a "survival advantage" over possible competitors, that pair will have genetically similar offspring that ALSO have that advantage. We might suggest that the descendants of Adam and Eve had many survival advantages! Intelligence and manual dexterity, certainly.

But it seems very likely that having a Soul, of being able to understand the difference between right and wrong, AND having the Lord Watching over them, sounds like really good evolutionary advantages!

Gradually, over a LONG amount of time, science would say that the descendants of this pair would "multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it" exactly as Genesis 1: Note the interpretation we make regarding "in our image" mentioned at the beginning of this presentation. We feel that a correct interpretation is that God may have earlier used a process that we now call evolution to develop the grasses, seed-bearing plants, trees, fishes, crawling creatures and then larger creatures.

Genesis and Science are Compatible

Given this, all descendants of Adam and Eve would therefore have Souls, as per a scientific reasoning regarding genetics. It also makes clear an extreme distinction between humans and any other of God's creatures which can never be affected by any "evolution" or anything else that science might discover. Science has absolutely no way to detect a Soul or to study them or to even confirm that Souls do or do not exist! So the very special addition that God made in Genesis 1: There actually are many recent examples of similar evolution things.

Several decades ago, modern medicine virtually exterminated the germs that caused smallpox and tuberculosis, and the agents that caused polio. Massive usage of antibiotics and other chemicals accomplished this goal. However, I said "virtually". Out of all the trillions of bacteria killed by those antibiotics, there were a few, let's say two, that managed to survive the antibiotics.

Science would guess that those two had somehow "mutated", possibly as a result of the natural cosmic rays that continually bombard us from outer space. Instead of trillions of bacteria having to share the available food supply, just the two were present.

Can you see how they would multiply very rapidly, with essentially an unlimited food supply? Bacteria reproduce very quickly, in just a matter of hours, so those two could have had millions and billions of descendants within a period of months.

In other words, the world again soon winds up with the trillions of tuberculosis-causing bacteria. But, do you see the one difference now? You may note in current news that the medical community is extremely concerned about drug-resistant strains of a number of dangerous diseases, including TB.

Sequence Analysis of Genesis 1

This is the scientific understanding of why this currently exists, as being a "natural" consequence of some individuals having a "survival advantage". In the case of TB, the recent cases are absolutely untreatable with any known treatments or medicines, so the patients ALWAYS die, a true catastrophe in the makings, and there is no way to avoid it in the very near future.

Of course, that was NOT humans, and there is the possibility that similar things do not happen regarding humans, but that is the basis for why science generally believes in "natural selection". In the event that some individual had a BIG advantage, like those drug-resistant bacteria that survived and had no remaining competition, the result is called "evolution".

Please note that NO individual "evolves" into anything else, like in horror movies. Natural selection is a very gradual process that generally takes many generations of descendants before the result is noticeably different than before.

In any case, whether it actually applies to humans or not, this is the correct explanation of what "natural selection" or "evolution" actually is. By the way, there are some Christian leaders who think they are denying science when they say "You claim that evolution occurs, but you only talk about it happening a long time ago!

It is obviously not true because it is not happening today! If the student exposes a community of fruit flies to some kind of radiation, most of the flies might die.

However, if any survive, and are fertile, they will be likely to genetically pass along whatever it was that kept them alive! Their descendants would therefore have a "radiation resistance" as a result of their survival. There may have only been a few that survived the radiation, but when they the survivors multiply, then all of the living flies would be resistant. There is no "magic" involved; simply the fact that only survivors can procreate! The present drug-resistant TB danger represents another proof that it occurs, and that it is quite natural.

Larger animals live so long that a hundred generations of them can easily involve thousands of years, and so "proof" of Natural Selection in them is far harder to establish, except through the use of ancient fossils. This is all brought up here for a reason. Remember those two surviving bacteria that eventually "replenished the earth"?

When science looks at the possibility of evolution applying to humans, they necessarily see the need for a VERY small number of beginning individuals. Science has no way of giving them names, but the Bible tells us they were Adam and Eve.

Christians and Jews have always been confused as to how Cain could have left Eden where the only apparent humans existed to go to the land of Nod. The Lord even set a mark upon Cain 15 so that anyone finding him would not kill him. Who could have found him? How could he have found a wife, and then raised a family? This combination of Genesis and science gives us a possible answer. Prior to Genesis 1: If science is correct regarding evolution, it could easily be that some of those creatures might have evolved into human-like beings.

This also offers an explanation of the fossils of primitive man-forms which have been found. When the Lord, in Genesis 1: This would have meant that there were two similar-appearing populations, the creatures that had evolved from the primitive creatures of Genesis 1: Nod and the wife and the family and the the biblical story of genesis and the creation by johnson differing perspectives on creation then make sense, while not challenging any aspect of the Genesis story.

Later still in Genesis look at Genesis 6: The "sons of God" then seem to be describing Adam's descendants, while the "daughters of men" might then be referring to the man-like creatures that had no Souls. Does it now seem obvious why the Flood was necessary?

These thoughts are obviously speculations, but they are interestingly logical, better than other explanations for these matters usually seem to be. Doesn't all this seem to be amazing as to how the parts seem to fall in place? It is as though the Bible "predicted" what science would discover 3500 years later, and that science is methodically confirming the various amazing statements in Genesis, thereby confirming that the Bible contains information that NO ancient human could have known!

God has provided a way of forever keeping it hidden from us just which time scale actually was involved and which was for assisting our limited human comprehension. It may even be true that BOTH of our windows distort the actual time involved. It may have taken Him a year to create everything, or it may have only taken an instant.

Book Review: Dru Johnson on Genesis 1-11

He made for a Parallelism of perception, so that humans would be free to accept EITHER understanding He made available for us, since either is totally internally self-consistent. He created some big things but needed to tailor the possible understandings of those things to terms that both ancient and modern humans could comprehend. His Universe would appear totally self-consistent to both the Christian believer of the Bible and the scientist, who only wants to believe in things he can measure and analyze.

Christians believe that we are distinct and separate from animals, while scientists believe that we evolved from lower animals. The Parallelism of understandings just allows each individual the choice of believing whichever viewpoint he or she comes to be most comfortable with. BOTH are completely and absolutely true! It is actually just more evidence of just how marvelous our Lord is, to provide this option for us.

Miscellaneous :: Nine Views of Creation

This story is still breaking. Over the next several years, science may confirm a very recent and unexpected amazing finding. Human chromosomes and DNA are known to contain hundreds of millions of individual bits of information which are passed along from every parent to child. Scientific research has recently 2000 completed "mapping" each and is now trying to determine the functions of each. These apparently unnecessary sections are technically called "introns".

In primitive life-forms, similar exons and introns have been studied. In the process of procreation, a protozoan, Tetrahymena, has some interesting things occur. It turns out that, if the introns are left IN an intermediate precursor RNA molecule stage, the process of procreation cannot continue!