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Survivor guilt what long term survivors don t

  • Speak up on behalf of those who are struggling;
  • Survivors who express feelings of guilt often find that our feelings are either minimized or dismissed;
  • In reality, cancer survivors experience guilt for reasons that extend far beyond simply surviving cancer when others have not;
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But I was talking to a friend the other day about this nagging guilt I have been feeling lately, because one of my other friends is struggling with his MS. I thought she was way off.

Yet, when I Googled the word, I discovered that there is more to these phenomena than I had previously realized. It comes in waves, but when it hits, it hits hard. She gave me permission to accept the truth-an MS diagnosis is traumatic.

Fortunately, we make friends in the community, and unfortunately, we watch some deteriorate at much faster speeds. It makes us feel helpless. It reminds us that we too, are vulnerable.

We grieve and that is okay. When you are feeling this grief, what do you do with it? Play some sad songs, cry, stare out a window or lay down.

MS, The What If’s and Survivor's Guilt

Sometimes you just have to let yourself own all of these emotions, but not for too long. Your first instinct may be that you may want to avoid that friend who is struggling because you are feeling badly about their progression, but that is actually the worst thing that you can do. Call them up; offer to help if you are able.

  • Many of us eventually experience the loss of a friend or acquaintance who succumbs to the disease that we are surviving;
  • Being honest about your feelings is more helpful to everyone;
  • Grief is a common response to any type of loss;
  • Recognizing when our thoughts are destructive or distorted can help us to stop them when they start and to redirect our thoughts in more constructive ways;
  • As survivors, we may be experiencing grief if we show such signs as unexpected crying, lack of energy, feelings of uncertainty, changes in sleeping or eating habits, feeling withdrawn or unmotivated, irritability, hyperactivity or fear of slowing down, trouble concentrating, avoidance of others, and fear of being alone.

Bring flowers, send a funny text, do something to let them know that they are in your thoughts. Use it, express it.

What is AIDS Survivor Syndrome?

Or take some action. Participate in an MS fundraiser, or do something to promote better awareness. Speak up on behalf of those who are struggling.

My final advice is to let this guilt motivate. Chase your dreams, spend time with friends and go for it in whatever way you choose. Share with us on our Facebook page.