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Search 3 articles on global warming in hindi language

Select Page Global Warming Speech We have provided below number of speech on global warming, its causes, side effects, prevention methods and solutions. All the global warming speech are written using very simple and easy words for the students. You can select any one of these: I would like to speech on the Global Warming at this occasion. Global warming is a continuously increasing environmental issue all over the world. There is no any single country responsible for its causes, all the countries worldwide are responsible for its ever increasing.

Actually global warming is a global increase in the temperature of the earth because of our some daily activities. Our various activities heats up the earth which ultimately rises its temperature. Rise in temperature takes place when greenhouse gases such a carbon dioxide, water vapours, nitrous oxide, methane, etc trap heat and light from our surroundings and sun. Ultimately, rise in temperature hurts the lives of human beings, animals, and plants.

There are many reasons for the increasing global warming however some of the primary and main causes are considered because of the Green House Effect. Green house effect is caused by the green house gases carbon dioxide, chloro-fluoro carbon, methane, nitrous oxides, etc gases. Such green houses gases are generated by our daily activities and get collected in to the atmosphere and form a cover around the Earth which again absorbs hot sun rays and make this earth a burning earth.

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The absorbed heat remains in the lower circle of biosphere and enhances the temperature level. So, the global warming is at peak and alarms us regularly with its bad effects.

It is affecting almost all parts of the world and causing sea level to rise, glaciers to melt and many more which covers all the low land islands.

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  • Global warming has become one of the most pressing issues of modern society.

It is destroying huge forests, killing algae, acid rain, etc. Acid rain is very dangerous which may destroy anything in touch. Global warming causes natural fires which may wipe out whole forests. Continuous rise in the earth temperature affects agricultural crops, forests, marine life and life growth on the earth.

It cannot be solved by the effort of only one country, it needs global effort of all countries to reduces its effects and completely eliminate it. Now-a-days, every one of us is well aware of the threat of climate change.

It is a serious issue increasing continuously because of the global warming. It is a big issue for our future generations to face all the challenges of this irreversible catastrophe changes in the environment.

Global warming is the regular increase in atmospheric temperature of the earth. Earlier the rate of rise in temperature was slow however currently it is going at a faster rate. The main causes of the global warming are green house gases such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. Such gases gets collected in the atmosphere and trap heat from all resources like sun and heat created by human activities burning fossil fuels, petroleum, deforestation, etc.

Global warming affects our planet atmosphere in many ways. Because of increasing temperature in the environment, the arctic glaciers start melting and threatening the life of polar bears. Melting glaciers creates lots of water which increases sea levels in the low land areas of South Sea Islands.

Speech on Global Warming

Increasing ocean temperatures creates problems to the life of plants and animals of water causes algae to die and disturbs entire food chain. In order to lessen the side effects of the global warming many laws have been made and implemented by the government of various countries such as limiting the harmful vehicle emissions, reducing emissions of chemicals causing damage to the ozone layer, reducing plant cutting, inducing tree planting, car pooling, etc.

We should change our habits positively in order to reduce waste by choosing the use of reusable products instead of disposable one. We should buy products having minimal packaging to reduce amount of wastes. We should recycle paper, newspaper, glasses, aluminium cans, etc.

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  2. But neither I will turn to some of the tricks that global warming you could use to develop. It needs to be solved by the global effort of people on urgent basis to maintain healthy and happy life here.
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If we start recycling at least half of your household wastes, we can save approximately 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide emission every year. We should reduce the need of electric use such as air condition, hair drier, room heater, etc. We should make the habit of turn down lights while sleeping at night or day when we go outside.

We should replace our regular bulbs with the compact fluorescent light CFL bulbs. Regular use of the CFL instead of regular light bulbs would help in eliminating around 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

We should try to drive less and in very smart way for the fewer harmful gas emissions. We should try to walk by foot as much as possible instead of using bike, car or other means of transport. We should reduce our hot water use and try to use cold water as much as possible. In this way by reducing our electricity use we can reduce the global warming. Together with changing our own habits, we should encourage others to conserve energy by reducing lights use as much as possible.

Thank You Global Warming Speech 3 Good morning to my respected teachers and my dear friends, I would like to speech on the topic of global warming today. Some of the greenhouse gases are CO2, water vapour, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. When these gases get collected to the lower environment, it makes a cover which easily allows all the hot radiations of sun to the earth however restrict its escape back to the space.

This process is called as the Green House Effect. Such gases in the atmosphere trap hot radiations and keep earth warm by increasing temperature. Search 3 articles on global warming in hindi language level of green house gases also raise because of the human activities such as burning trees, burning fissile fuels, electric lights, use of refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, and other electric machines.

Such process releases high percentage of carbon dioxide and other green house gases into the atmosphere causing the earth temperature to rise.

Rise in heat causes more water from earth to evaporate into atmosphere, water vapour again absorbs more heat and makes earth atmosphere warmer. Global warming has changed natural processes rainfall patterns, length of seasons, rise of sea level, ecology balance and many more. It is a powerful demon affecting our lives to a great extent so it needs to be solved on urgent basis by the effort of all of us. Thank You Global Warming Speech 4 Good morning to all my respected teachers and dear friends at this great occasion.

I would like to give a speech over the global warming which is a most prominent environmental issue. Day by day, we are feeling great changes in the atmosphere and climate of the earth. The earth atmosphere is getting warm gradually however the process has become fast in last few years.

The natural disasters we are facing now a day such as earthquakes, tsunami, cyclone, storm, thunder, etc are the result of global warming.

Polar icecaps and glaciers are melting to a great extent. In some regions of the country, there is decrease in the snowfall amounts; spring season seems to occur earlier and flowers bloom before time from few decades. Huge climate change is the indication for us indicating bad effects of the global warming. Birds are migrating from hotter to colder regions, hurricanes in the Atlantic are more frequent having high intensity.

Sea levels are rising continuously, glaciers are melting because of stronger heat waves, human health is getting deteriorated, climate is changing, weather patterns are changing, environment temperature is increasing affecting whole climate adversely, and other problems because of the human industrial activities.

Green house gases collected in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide traps the dangerous UV rays and makes environment hotter. Because of the global warming drought and flood may occur more frequently.

Global Warming Speech

Due to the drought fields do not get adequate soil moisture so the farmers face lots of financial hardship. Thus, global warming brings food shortages all over the world. Warmer air in the atmosphere holds lots of moisture than the cool air which results in the flood in many areas.

Both droughts and floods adversely affect the crop production.

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These are natural disasters affecting human, animals and plants lives in many aspects. Coral reefs are considered to be the most important for the water lives as they provide food and shelter to the fish, crabs, sea turtles, and other aquatic animals.

Search 3 articles on global warming in hindi language

So, the global warming is a big threat to the existence of life here on the earth in future. It needs to be solved by the global effort of people on urgent basis to maintain healthy and happy life here.