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Pilots ways of dealing with controlled flight into terrain and the dangers of aviation


  • Operating at or above the Minimum Instrument Altitude for a region gives you similar protections to operating at or above the MEF altitude from the VFR sectional, and also usually ensures that ATC will have radar contact with you;
  • Actions Optimise Pilot Performance to ensure flight crew receive the appropriate technical, and non-technical, training to enhance the skills necessary to operate aircraft, and in airspace, of now and in the future;
  • Situational awareness in relation to terrain Typical Scenarios Pilot-induced situation;
  • The MEF indicates the tallest feature terrain or obstacle in a given quadrangle on the sectional;
  • OK, so my rather flippant comment aside, avoiding controlled flight into terrain is largely an exercise in common sense many FAA "Special Emphasis Areas" could be rolled up into a special emphasis on common sense.