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An amphibian writer, translator, poltergeist,researcher. However, not many are clear about what research in literary studies means, or why they are doing it in the first place. These dreadful questions may haunt them later in many forms if they jump on the bandwagon hastily. Though all these reasons are valid, it should be kept in mind that doing doctoral research is not the only way of fulfilling on these objectives.

One could read widely, or clear the N.

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So why should one do doctoral or Mphil research at all? An answer to this question lies in knowing what doctoral or Mphil research is. So what is doctoral or M. Phil research after all? Well, the obvious answer is that it is a program that trains you to become a systematic and disciplined researcher: Hence the real reason why should do Mphil or PhD is that you want to be researcher for the rest of your life, and the doctoral research program is the opportunity to equip and train yourself to become a serious researcher.

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It is a net practice and coaching program if you want to graduate from gully-cricket to international cricket. Click here to read my other entries on research. Research is commonly perceived as as purposive and systematic search for information and knowledge about something.

Even the hunt for a date on the Internet can be an example of research.

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Hunting for a date for yourself may also be research, but gathering information about pretty girls in your surrounding locality has relevance to more than one person and hence of greater social value. So what is research, especially in literary studies, after all? In very ordinary language, research is a contribution to a particular domain of knowledge. By contribution, I mean addition to what we already know about the particular area.

Research which provides knowledge which is obvious and already known is of little use to anyone. Reinventing the wheel may earn you a degree very often in our universities we keep doing that but that would not prove that you have done research. Yet it should not be so narrow that the generalization we make would be nullified. Learning how to develop an argument is a crucial research skill-after all, the term 'thesis' means 'a position. Which approach is suitable for your purpose depends on your research question.

The logical movement of your argument would largely be deductive. Though usually it is a combination of both logical processes, one process is often primary.

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What is the place of technical and theoretical vocabulary in the language of research? What about the jargon? The answer becomes clear when we understand that a research thesis is a serious dialogue or a conversation between two experts and scholars, and not between two M. In your research paper or thesis, an expert speaks with an expert.

  1. This brings us to yet another important and problematic question. The impact of industrial-age English literature on contemporary social policies, such as concerning the work of Upton Sinclair.
  2. These dreadful questions may haunt them later in many forms if they jump on the bandwagon hastily.
  3. What is already well-known is usually not elaborately discussed, and is often reduced to minimum.

Hence the language has to be technical remember two lawyers discussing law in the court or doctors discussing a disease or treatment? This does not mean that you should use the technical terminology to show-off your learning pedantry or obscure you own ignorance cheating. Bad research today often suffers either from naivete as if a teacher talking to her student or from the other extremity- pedantry, obscurantism and masking of ignorance brahminism.

Click here for my blog on the use of semiotics of culture as a theoretical framework in the study of Indian literatures When we understand that in research writing, an expert is talking to another expert, we can also cut down and structure our thesis in a better way.

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What is already well-known is usually not elaborately discussed, and is often reduced to minimum. So the things like biographical details, details of various works or well known facts and information occupies minimum space. This brings us to yet another important and problematic question: You cannot imagine literature existing independently of a conceptual frame, and when you claim that you are not using any theory, it is very likely that some theory already is using you. Today, if you are honest, you have to be self-conscious of which the theory is using you, and you are using which theory, and you should have an awareness of advantages and limitations of your own conceptual frames those which are using you and those you are using.

Literary research today has to be autocritical.

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You may get pleasure and enjoy studying plants, but you need not produce a body of knowledge about plants to enjoy viewing them or tending them. You need not be an expert in evolutionary biology to enjoy playing with your cat. The same thing applies to the study of literature. You HAVE to go beyond your personal likes and tastesand you HAVE to read plenty of difficult theoretical writings, if you want to be a serious researcher. Reading LacanJudith Butler or Spivak is not an enjoyable pastime, but then research in literature is not a pastime.

I want to end this longish entry by recommending two very useful books for the beginners here: Critical comments, suggestions and feedback on my blog entries are welcome. Useful Links click on them: