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Multiply and accumulate unit using vedic multiplier

In normal multipliers delay will be more and the number of computations also will be more.

Vedic Multiplier in VLSI for High Speed Applications

Because of that speed of the circuits designed with the normal multipliers will be low and it will consume more power. The Vedic multiplier is designed by using UrdhavaTriyagbhayam sutra and the adder design is done by using reversible logic to perform high speed operations. Reversible logic gates are also the essentialconstraint for the promising field of Quantum computing.

The UrdhavaTriyagbhayam multiplier is used for the multiplication function to reduce partial products in the multiplication process and to get high concert and less area.

The reversible logic is used to get less power.

Vedic Mathematics Based Multiply Accumulate Unit

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FPGA implementation of high speed Vedic multiplier

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