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Ethos pathos logos obama s speech a more perfect union

You may compare two texts if you wish. Throughout the relatively short history of The United States there are several examples of racism and colonialism, beginning in the 16th century, with the French and British colonization and mass killing of the natives in North America.

Continuing, up to the modern prejudice against people with a different cultural background or skin colour than individuals from the vast family tree of white colonists. The speech captured great media attention by using valid social and historical arguments, several personal experiences and showing strong emotions that could relate to people familiar with the racial prejudice and the social challenges in the United States.

  1. Even those who do not possess complete knowledge of the famous line immediately understand that something of importance is being conveyed to them.
  2. Also, he expresses how the failing healthcare system that affects the whole population, not just the African- Americans, need to be improved.
  3. He has married a woman who has both slave and slave owner flowing within her.

He addresses certain issues that could weaken his position as a presidential candidate, aiming towards the comments from his reverent Jeremiah Wright, about the challenges that faces African Americans in their society. He presents his perspective on the constitution with an ongoing thought, that there may not be possible to form a perfect union, but a more perfect one.

By having a critical view on the idea of creating a perfect union, he shows that now is the time to be realistic. And so, we already see hints of arguments and some rhetorical development in his speech. He 2 continues by approaching the racial problems that still has an enormous effect on the modern life of the African-Americans. The constitution document that was first signed in 1787 4 by several white leaders, was stained by the nations slave history. At that time, the United States was divided by the north and the south based on different values, which led to the civil war in 1865.

“A More Perfect Union”

However, the strong racism against people with a different background or more specific their skin colour would not end, and sadly still goes up to this day. Also, how difficult it is for a person with an African-American background to succeed in the daily life. These outbursts were not taken into consideration that the new Presidential candidate was from his own church, culture and similar ethnicity.

This were one of the reasons that lead to Barack Obama creating this argumentative and emotional speech. Continuing, he reminds us that the lack of economic opportunity amongst the poor African- Americans, in addition to the poor white society, has been build up the last century to a point where a sort of spiral effect has occurred.

As a result of this spiral effect, the people who live in these poor communities, have a difficult time developing from their community and values. He relates to challenges with the welfare system, the lack of basic services, and the economic discrimination of the middle-class of the population. Therefore, he could gain credibility and optimism within several cultures and reach a bigger part of the middle-class population. The United States today is one of the most modern and diverse cultural countries, based on their somewhat varied values and history.

He brilliantly uses ethos and pathos by explaining his own background and by uses personal experiences. Obama speaks to the audience about the story of his black father from Kenya and his white mother from Kansas.

He describes that he comes from a mixed middle-class family, and also lived in some of the poorest nations on earth. Obama shares how he has worked hard to raise and educate himself beyond the stereotypical expectations 3 and culture he comes from. For that reason, he was able to study at some of the best schools in the country, which resulted in him being at his current position. He mentions that he has family of every race, located in different places all over the world.

By showing emotions and cultural credibility, Obama creates an image of himself so that several cultural personalities can be influenced. This is an autobiography that he wrote containing interesting stories from his childhood up to his adult life. He uses this reference in his speech to create a personal identity towards the different racial issues he addresses.

The autobiography itself tells the reader about his childhood, stories of partially growing up in a white suburban neighbourhood, living in a rough Chicago area, traveling and living in different countries and experiencing several cultures 5.

This puts perspective on Obamas life, and the way he describes his journey up to this point shows that he is an experienced hardworking and trustworthy man. A term for being angry at their society and how their situation in the different social arenas has and has not developed.

He indicates that some African — American people believe that they are predestined to flop in their society. As William Faulkner once wrote, "The past isn't dead and buried. In fact, it isn't even past. These laws continued up to 1965 and Obama mentions that we still see stains and tradition of these laws in practice in several schools in the United States today. He is very patriotic in his way of speaking and seems very confident in what he shares.

Because the American society is very patriotic, and especially to catch the trust and emotions in the elderly part of the population, it is very important that he uses these patriotic references. Since he uses examples that could catch the bigger part of the diverse cultural and the elderly part of the population, a larger amount of the people in the United States shows trust in Barack Obama.

Also, he expresses how the failing healthcare system that affects the whole population, not just the African- Americans, need to be improved. Towards the end, he says now is the time to change the focus in a direction towards building up their country, in a strategic way that benefits all ethnicities and cultures.

At this stage he appeals to verses from the bible. Let us be our sister's keeper. By using scriptures directly from the bible and connecting them towards the needs for their social development, he influences and creates feeling of optimism amongst the religious audience, which is a big part of the population. Obama then addresses the war that never should have been authorized.

However, they now need to focus on the importance of showing loyalty and giving assistance towards the brave soldiers and their families, and give the reimbursements they deserve. Yet again, Obama is showing emotions, creating solutions and giving attention to many of the soldiers and veterans, which are often forgotten. In the final part of his speech, he goes back to the racial issues and tells a story of a young white woman named Ashley Baia who planned his campaign in South-Carolina.

Obama uses this story to symbolize the association between a young 5 white woman and an old African- American man, and how this could be a beginning towards a new view on the racial debate in their society. He had become a unique person and a perfect candidate to represent the vast cultural mixture of people. Therefore, he developed as a suitable applicant to run for the presidential election, based on the current situation and the upcoming circumstances in the country.

By using himself as an example he disproves some of Jeremiah Wright racial outbursts and separates himself from him and his proclaims.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Rough Draft

He speaks in a very personal and clear way which results in understanding the history of the United States in a bigger and different perspective than only in a racial perspective.

This creates again a trustworthy and logical viewpoint on his speech and for his audience. Through most of his speech he chooses to focus on the racial diversity and the rough history which has formed the modern United States.

As well as how far their society actually have come despite previous racial assumptions. At this point, Obama have addressed and discussed several issues about the wide cultural development that has happened in the United States, all the way back to the written constitution in 1787 4. He addresses several personal experiences combined with issues and solutions that interests the wide variety of audience in the United States.

His speech points towards that his election could take the American dream into a new direction, and lead their cultural developing society into a post-racial stage. A more perfect Union. October 2015, week 43 A more perfect union speech - PowerPoint presentation.