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Delivery with the long hand in the contract of sale

How to Draft a Sales Contract

How to Draft a Sales Contract The world's best newsletter for small business owners. Thanks, you're all set. PDF Button A sales contract is a formal agreement between a buyer and seller for the exchange of goods, services, or property for payment or promise of payment of a certain value. A sales contract will spell out certain terms and conditions such as price and delivery. But why bother with the hassle of writing out a sales contract when most commercial deals are made on a handshake?

Oral contracts are very difficult to enforce due to the lack of a clear record of the offer, consideration, or acceptance. The Uniform Commercial Code is not federal law, but is a set of model statutes that has been adopted in some form by all 50 states.


With that said, what should be included in a sales contract? Generally, in a commercial agreement, this would be the name of the legal entity of your small business e.

When signing the form, the signature portion should include your name and title e. The first paragraph of the sales contract and the signature section at the end should also clearly state the date that the agreement is made and executed or signed. Payment Price is often the most negotiated term in a sales contract and should be put in writing immediately after an agreement is reached.

  1. This includes time for delivery, place for delivery, method of delivery, cost of delivery, and liability for damage or failed delivery. Effect of writs of execution.
  2. In the latter case the notice, to be effectual, must be given at such time and under such circumstances that the principal, by the exercise of reasonable diligence, may communicate it to his servant or agent in time to prevent a delivery to the buyer.
  3. Subject matter of Contract.
  4. Sale under voidable title.
  5. Implied conditions as to quality or fitness.

In addition to the price, a sales contract should state the time for payment, the method for payment, and any payment schedule e. This includes time for delivery, place for delivery, method of delivery, cost of delivery, and liability for damage or failed delivery.

Miscellaneous Provisions While the above provisions should be included in every sales contract, other provisions you may want to consider include: Warranties Express and Implied — provisions assuring that the product will meet a certain level of quality and reliability as well as any warranty disclaimers if so agreed upon.

Breach of Contract — provisions that address what happens when one party breaches the contract, the time to cure any breach, when a party can terminate the contract, and any remedies a party can recover. Confidentiality — provision that limits the dissemination of confidential information. Severability — provision that states that other remaining provisions will remain valid and enforceable if any provision is found invalid or unenforceable.

  • In any action for breach of contract to deliver specific or ascertained goods the court may, if it thinks fit, on the application of the plaintiff, by its judgment or decree direct that the contract shall be performed specifically, without giving the defendant the option of retaining the goods on payment of damages;
  • Existing or future goods;
  • Property passes when intended to pass;
  • Sale by person not owner.

Legal — provisions that address which state law is applicable a. Choice of Venuewhether litigation will be in courts of law or arbitration a.