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Conflict in greasy lake by t coraghessan boyle

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Caviar[ edit ] "Caviar" is a peculiar short story, of a married couple involved in a "little experiment. Trimpdie, a fisherman by trade, who has never been to college but reads science books and magazines. The wife, Marie, after many years of marriage decides she wants some "offspring. The couple decide to go to a doctor and ask about a test-tube baby.

T.C. Boyle's Greasy Lake: Summary and Analysis

Ziss questions the couple, he asks, "have they considered a surrogate mother? For ten thousand dollars plus hospital costs, they agree to have Wendy, a medical school student, as their surrogate mother. Wendy is artificially impregnated by the doctor and becomes very close to the couple. One day, while Marie is working, Wendy and Mr.

  1. Boyle, as he is more commonly known, was born in Peekskill, New York.
  2. The look on the greaser's face was compared to the same. Boyle writes, "Civilization itself--was on the brink of a catastrophe that would make the Dark Ages look like a Sunday-afternoon softball game.
  3. While there truly were people living that life of badness, he realizes the place of insecurity that leads them to that and the true dangers that culminate in the floating corpse of the dead motorcycle owner are not for him. They spot a car that they think is a friend's car and decide to harass him.
  4. Contrary to their stated preference for rock and roll, the characters are said to enjoy this reggae band. At the height of his fear, the narrator seeks refuge in Greasy Lake.

Trimpie engage in a sexual relationship. Marie never finds out about the incident. Trimpie, while visiting Wendy after the baby is born, finds Dr. Ziss at her house and realizes he has been deceived. Ziss, and is arrested by the police. Eisenhower Ike who has a sentimentally romantic, yet hypothetical love affair with Russia's Madame Nina Khrushcheva.

The narrator of the fictional short story was promoted to "special aid" during the time of a "visit by the Soviet Premier and his uh wife," and makes this a plausible tale, as he supposedly confesses the true account of the love story. Boyle's allusions to the Cold War era are numerous.

Summary and Analysis of T.C. Boyle's "Greasy Lake"

The characters are put into a bizarre situation that borders on historical realism. The characters, Bayard Wemp, a successful business man who was used to luxury living, his highstrung neurotic wife, Fran, and their two adolescent children Melissa and Marcia, together are determined to survive an overpowering feeling of apocalyptic fever. Boyle's references to "bomb shelters under patios," "world wide economic callapse," [15] Kaddafi with "The Bomb" and the "temporarily out of food" signs suggesting possible rationing further imitate Bayards imaginary need to be prepared.

Boyle writes, "Civilization itself--was on the brink of a catastrophe that would make the Dark Ages look like a Sunday-afternoon softball game.

Analysis of "Greasy Lake"

While confident about his participation in the dream of the "Big Game," Hector refuses to acknowledge his age. In this short story, Hector's family suggests that it is time to "Hang up his Spikes," after all his "son will be twenty-nine next month and his daughter has four children of her own with one on the way," [19] but for Hector, a missed moment is continuously replayed as "the stick flashes in your hands like an Archangel's sword, and the game goes on forever.

Boyle rewrites the classic Nikolai Gogol storybut transports his characters into the Cold War era. The fine cloth coat with "a fur collar, like those in Paris," elevates Akaky in his workplace as everyone notices, the "party tool and office drudge" is now strutting like a "coryphee with the Bolshi. Critical reception[ edit ] Greasy Lake and Other Stories was first published in 1985. The main characters in the stories are, according to Larry McCaffery"typically lusty, exuberant dreamers whose wildly inflated ambitions lead them into a series of hilarious, often disastrous adventures.

In stories set in America, life is depicted as "a roller coaster ride, filled with peaks of exhilaration and excitement but also fraught with hidden dangers and potential embarrassments. Boyle has "a limitless capacity for invention and a gift for nimble, hyperventilated prose to delineate his heightened vision of the world.

  • The three nineteen-year-old boys consider they are "bad" and "didn't give a shit about anything";
  • All three try to flee the scene, and the narrator ends up in the filthy lake;
  • Contrary to their stated preference for rock and roll, the characters are said to enjoy this reggae band;
  • The characters are described as teenage rebels who enjoy the 'greaser' way of life, with dangerous thrills and spills.