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Computer monitoring in the workplace and its importance

Computer usage[ edit ] Depending upon the technology and methods used, monitoring applications may track all activity or may target specific activities of employees on a company-owned computer or terminal.

The Pros of Employee Monitoring

They may monitor various devices installed on the computer e. This includes not only recordings from these devices but also remote broadcasting of live feed from webcams and microphones. Screen monitoring records video or static images detailing the contents, or screen capture, of the entire video display or the content of the screen activity within a particular program or computer application.

Monitoring tools may collect real time video, accelerated or time-lapse video or screen shotsor may take video or still image captures at regular intervals e. They may collect images constantly or only collect information while the user is interacting with the equipment e. Data monitoring tracks the content of and changes to files stored on the local hard drive or in the user's "private" network share.

What is Employee Monitoring?

Keystroke logging captures all keyboard input to enable the employer to monitor anything typed into the monitored machine. Idle time monitoring keeps track of time when the employee is away from the computer or the computer is not being actively used. Printer monitoring records documents files that are printed from the computer. Removable drives monitoring tracks external devices that are connected to the computer. This is also known as employee monitoring in the industry.

Employee monitoring is used for many reasons including compliance and detecting insider threats. Other examples of what employee monitoring software can do is email monitoring, instant message monitoring, file attachment monitoring, print monitoring and more.

  • They may collect images constantly or only collect information while the user is interacting with the equipment e;
  • Looking for information on video surveillance?
  • There are different types of computer monitoring software solutions, some with the capability to let you know exactly what employees are doing on their computers;
  • Although computer workplace monitoring has become a necessity, employees often don't understand the reasons for computer monitoring and may feel violated or micro-managed;
  • You could respond, "Okay, I definitely understand that.

Internet[ edit ] Internet surveillance is the monitoring of Internet data trafficweb accessand other online activity. This may include monitoring any Internet traffic including encrypted web browser traffic on Secure Socket Layer SSL connections, personal web-based email, and personal banking sites.

  • In fact, you can even get your employees enthusiastic about using one of these systems;
  • As in the case of Jim Sullivan, employee monitoring shows which team members are excelling.

Research done by American Management Association that nearly 30 percent of all employers in the United States monitor employee e-mails. Depending on the country or legal jurisdiction and the specific methods of surveillance used, there may be additional requirements to notify the employee of the monitoring or monitoring policy to be legal.

Labor union contracts and other forms of employment agreements may offer some protection from monitoring.

Computer surveillance in the workplace

Additionally, in the United Statespublic sector employees may have some protection under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Employees in California may have additional protection under specific portions of state statute. The monitoring of email and instant messaging communications may be part of these requirements. For example, Spectorsoft requires that employees have signed a contract stating that their computer activity may be monitored when they were employed.

Additional legal issues may arise if information obtained from the monitoring is used for illegal or malicious purposes.

  1. Japanese tech company Hitachi developed a similar badge-like device for tracking employee happiness , based on "distinct physical movements.
  2. Additional reporting by Bennett Conlin. Yes, because if a problem crops up with an employee, whoever manages that person will know immediately.
  3. So, how do you get buy-in?

The use of computer surveillance within the employee discipline or evaluation process may be viewed by employees as an invasion of privacy or a lack of trust. Employers have the right to monitor their employees in the United States but of course, there are specific rules and regulations they must follow depending on the state legislation. Most of Americans still think that monitoring in the workplace is not entirely acceptable.