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An overview of the athletes and domestic violence

Background[ edit ] Domestic violence among athletes specifically occurs off the field and is most often perpetrated by collegiate and professional athletes. Women are most often the victims during these perpetrations of violence. Scholars have worked on this phenomenon considering many variables when attempting to correlate the nature of athletes to domestic violence.

Scholars discussed below have suggested that the violent behavior inherent in the football environment can be a potential accelerator or stimulator of domestic violence.

Athletes and domestic violence

Major sports franchises are increasingly criticized for their lack of action in regard to domestic violence. Football[ edit ] Domestic abuse among professional athletes is not a new problem, but it became a nationally recognized issue when Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice assaulted his then-fiancee, now wife, in 2014 and was only suspended from two NFL games.

Because of the sport's intrinsically violent nature, one might suppose that football players are particularly prone to off-the-field violence.

One of the NFL's biggest problems off the field is Domestic violence, according to Jon Shuppe from NBC News over the last 14 years there have been 87 arrests involving 80 football players. And sometimes it's difficult for athletes to turn that off when they go back to their regular lives.

As one is raised in an environment that welcomes violence, their propensity to repeat what they've seen, or what has been done to them may increase. Louis Rams was accused of beating up his girlfriend while she was nine months pregnant with his child. Ten days later, she delivered their child, but the couple separated four months later after he threatened her again.

That compares with the 21. In fact, when Blumstein and Benedict compared NFL players with young men from similar racial backgrounds, they discovered that the arrest rates for NFL players were less than half that of the other group for crimes of domestic violence and nondomestic assaults.

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Some athletes develop a sense of entitlement as their fame grows. The athletes often treat these women with disdain and yet are still tempted by their offers of sex.

Wilt Chamberlaina former great NBA player, boasted in his autobiography that he had slept with over 20,000 women, which, if true, shows a definite degree of deviance. Here are some statistics from the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes on its website at ncava.

At several universities, athletes produced public service announcements; DePaul enlisted the Chicago Police Department's Sexual Assault Task Force for athlete training, according to the conference. Underscoring to the NBA Players Association ways to further educate players and provide programs to them and their families. We're working with our players' association.

We've been talking for several weeks and we're going to take a fresh look at everything we do.

Goodell aimed to implement new personal conduct policies by the Super Bowl. The NBA's collective bargaining agreement calls for a minimum 10-game suspension for a first offense of a player convicted of a violent felony, however nothing regarding misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

Silver says that the NBA has in place, the appropriate mechanisms for discipline, but also acknowledged that it is his wish to continually revise and revisit the policy if need be. That's what we're learning, too. We have to take these programs directly to the players' spouses, directly to their partners so that they're aware of places they can go to express concerns, whether they're anonymous hotlines, team executives, league executives.

And we're consulting experts.

  1. Thus, false rape accusations are, at most, slightly above average, but also quite possibly occurring at exactly the same rate as false accusations of other crimes. However, the commissioner can name a panel that consists of independent experts to recommend a decision on the appeal pursuant to the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  2. Of the 64 total reported allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault by professional athletes from 2010 through 2014, 39 were against NFL players, 16 were against NBA players and 9 were against MLB players.
  3. This action resulted in an initial two-game suspension handed down by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but was later increased to an indefinite suspension after the graphic video of the events that took place inside the elevator surfaced. Next, as illustrated above, the role of team security and player personal security in internal investigations and law enforcement proceedings needs to be addressed.
  4. District Judge Barbara S.
  5. Only two players, Milton Bradley and Evan Reed, were formally charged with a crime.

There's a lot to be learned here. It's a societal problem; it's not one that's unique to sports. Comparatively, professional baseball and hockey players clocked average arrest rates of 553 and 175, respectively, over the same period. Floyd had been charged with domestic violence on more than one occasion, but rarely are they spoken of. Recently during the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. After Mayweather and Melissa Brim, the mother of his daughter Ayanna, got into an argument over child support, according to court documents, Mayweather swung open a car door that slammed her in the head, then he punched her three times in the face, leaving bruises.

According to the testimonyMayweather hit them both announced after following them outside the club, then. Outside, he allegedly picked up and shook a female security guard; police issued him a citation. The previous year, Josie Harris had angrily confronted Mayweather about another woman.

  • His books on professional athletes and violence against women Public Heroes, Private Felons;
  • Because of the sport's intrinsically violent nature, one might suppose that football players are particularly prone to off-the-field violence.

In response, Harris told police, he repeatedly punched her, kicked her, and dragged her by her hair, cutting her face. He allegedly kicked her, pulled her hair, and tried to break her left arm.

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Zion, their 9-year-old son, gave police a voluntary statement about what he saw: He was punching her in the head and he was stomping on her sholder [sic]. Manny Pacquiaohis domestic abuse charges however, remain a quieter issue in comparison to his money or his 48-0, undefeated record.

  • Thus, I refer to violence against women, and use female pronouns, to focus the problem being addressed in this article;
  • She said all of the athletes have the money to get big lawyers and they pay their way out of it.

However, the socio-economic factor needs to be considered. While no arrest data broken down by income, BJS survey provided breakdowns for victimization rates.

  • There are significant odds that work against rape victims, especially those who are raped by professional athletes;
  • Lastly, I consider what steps should be taken to create effective policies in MLB, the NFL and the NBA that account for the realities of domestic violence and sexual assault and ensure that this behavior is no longer left unpunished—even for our most decorated athletes;
  • The previous year, Josie Harris had angrily confronted Mayweather about another woman;
  • In the past five years, there were 22 professional athletes that would have fallen into this category;
  • His books on professional athletes and violence against women Public Heroes, Private Felons;
  • Many victims of domestic violence are not in a position to leave their partners, due not only to an ongoing emotional connection but also due to economic dependencies and fear of further retaliation, in many cases fear of being murdered which, as the U.

Although it is impossible to compare directly to the relative NFL arrest rate with precision, at least it gives some benchmark to show that people with higher income levels generally tend to have lower rates of arrest for domestic violence.