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A summary of remarks made by governor edward m gramlich

A summary of remars made by governor edward m gramlich

The collection is open to research without restriction. To protect fragile audiovisual recordings such as audio cassettes, film reels, and VHS tapesthe Bentley Historical Library has a policy of converting them to digital formats by a professional vendor whenever a researcher requests access. For more information, please see: Copyright is held by the Regents of the University of Michigan but the collection may contain third-party materials for which copyright is not held.

Patrons are responsible for determining the appropriate use or reuse of materials. Gramlich was born in Rochester, New York on June 18, 1939.

A summary of remarks made by governor edward m gramlich

He graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts from Williams College in 1961. His career was divided between academic institutions and government positions.

In addition to his government work, he was a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution for three years 1973-76. His university career began in 1976 as professor of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan 1976-97. During these years, he returned to government work and served as Deputy Director, and then Acting Director, of the Congressional Budget Office 1986-87.

  1. This expansion of credit gives people from all walks of life a shot at the twin American dreams of owning a home and building wealth. This gives many HOEPA borrowers twice as long to change their minds about possibly unwise mortgage contracts.
  2. Remarks by governor edward m gramlich at cleveland state university ohio march 23, 2001 governor gramlich presented identical remarks at the neighborhood reinvestment corporation luncheon, raleigh, north carolina, march were made aware of during our hearings and through other sources. Consumer Education Going beyond these regulatory and data-collection measures, we should all recognize that in the long-run the very best defense against predatory lending is probably in neither of these approaches.
  3. We have undertaken many projects designed to promote community and consumer education and financial literacy.
  4. A summary of remars made by governor edward m gramlich The output gap and optimal monetary policy 1 in remarks at governor edward m gramlich 1999 also de-scribed monetary policy in terms of a focus on demand growth relative to growth in potential output. Mortgages made to consumers with scores above 620 remarks by governor of the federal reserve board edward m gramlich.

Among his responsibilities, he chaired multiple boards including the Emergency Loan Guarantee Board 1999-2005 and the Air Transportation Stabilization Board 2001-05. He resigned as Governor in 2005. After his resignation, he returned to the University of Michigan as a professor of economics and public policy.

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  • The HMDA changes should greatly improve our information about lending practices for high-cost mortgages.

He became Interim Provost at Michigan during 2005-2006. In addition to numerous citations in the news media, he was the author of many journal articles and a dozen books, primarily dealing with topics of economic and public policy.

A summary of remarks made by governor edward m gramlich

He died of leukemia on September 5, 2007 at the age of 68. Edward Gramlich and his wife Ruth had two children, Sarah and Robert. Collection Scope and Content Note The contents of this collection represent a small fraction of the career of Edward Gramlich. The majority of the collection consists of some of his presentations and speeches.

There is also a tiny portion representing other aspects of his professional life: Where possible, the collection has been organized in chronological order. The papers have been arranged into three series: Researchers desiring additional information about related topics should search the catalog using these headings.

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