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A research on biomass and biofuels as alternative sources of energy

Insights into new opportunity in alternative energy and sustainability In the report you will find How hydro kinetic energy could lead to a resurgence in hydro energy worldwide Why enhanced geothermal could make many more regions on earth have excellent potential for geothermal How biomass gasification could lead to a disruption in the biofuel industry by overcoming the supply constraints and providing ease of process How a tremendous market opportunity could be opening up for component manufacturers, and for scientists, in nuclear power stations, as nuclear energy makes a comeback in many countries worldwide.

How osmotic energy, a concept that involves generating energy from the difference in the salt concentration between seawater and river water, could be a potential source for clean power.

How net metering could be a win-win opportunity for individual renewable energy generators, with over 35 US states offer net metering in the US, and with countries such as Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland also beginning to have net metering.

Topic 33: Discuss the future of Biomass as an Alternative Source of Energy- Risk and Challenges

How microbes can turn a wide range of waste products into fuel and other products, thereby creating new and highly profitable industries. How chemical media could become a more attractive business in future for storing energy. How unique ideas such as mycoremediation, a specific a research on biomass and biofuels as alternative sources of energy of bioremediation that uses fungus in mushroom to break down pollutants, could build profitable and environment-friendly industries.

How automobile companies could profit by new developing technologies such as hybrid technology, and fuelless cars that run by harnessing compressed air. How companies are exploring unique concepts such as extracting water from air in order to supply drinking water for many parts of the world that lack access to clean water.

How unique technologies such as MHD Magneto-HydroDynamicswhere you drive a conductive fluid such as superheated plasma back and forth in a magnetic ring and derive energy out of the fluid, could make a comeback after having been forgotten for a generation.

How a new crop of technology companies could profit by developing innovative software that allow people to monitor and make changes in the energy used by home appliances etc. How software giants such as SAP are trying to gain an entry into the massive market for technology solutions for the sustainable industry by offering applications such as the SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management that make sure that corporate sustainability policies are met.

A sample list of other business opportunities in industries related to alternative and renewable energy discussed in the report, are presented below: This could open a huge market opportunity for researchers and scientific experts.

Micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi play a key role in sustaining life by regulating carbon, nitrogen, and other nutrients in the environment. These organisms are playing an increasingly significant role in our quest for renewable energy sources. As a result, environmental biotechnology is likely to become an important business in the near future.

Climate Change, Global Warming, CO2 Mitigation and Capture With industries worldwide being forced to reduce CO2 emissions, CO2 capture and sequestration solutions present a strong business case and an opportunity that deserves serious attention.

Large energy efficiency potentials have been found both to conserve thermal and electrical energy in the production process. This could result in booming small business opportunities around bamboo. With 200 million people already making money from urban farming, its market is catching up fast from Mumbai to Montreal. Businesses that cater to this segment will be able to do enrich their localities while building a sustainable and profitable business.

Many companies around the world specialize in rainwater collection systems and countries like US, Australia and Germany made it compulsory.

With environmentalism's growing popularity, eco-education and eco-schools are interesting business opportunities that could have significant demand in future. There could be significant opportunities opening up in this segment as its contribution all set to rise much higher in future.

Significant business potential exists for small-scale gasifier systems appropriate for multitudes of village applications in tens of thousands of villages in developing countries. Captive power plants for generating electricity could be a big business in developing countries that face a number of power cuts Just as software beat hardware to become the key to computing, batteries could become the future of the automotive industry.

Market research data suggest that ecotourism is the fastest-growing segment of the global tourism industry; this can be turned into a good business opportunity for local entrepreneurs and small businesses. This trend is likely to result in significant benefits to local farmers and businesses that focus on products made from locally-grown produce.

Organic coffee has surged in a research on biomass and biofuels as alternative sources of energy in US and Canada. This could be a profitable home made business opportunity to many. Locally grown food and organic food could be an interesting small business opportunity. Transportation Every 100 kg of plastic replacing metal in a car saves 750 liter of fuel over the lifetime of a car. A large market is opening up for lightweight materials to be used in a variety of transportation.

Car-pooling service could be a profitable business in near future, with more and more people resorting to car pooling in order to save money. According to the market research done by World Shipping Council, the equivalent of over 100 million 20 ft containers moves from port to port each year, each carrying about 24 tons.

Solutions that provide energy efficiency avenues for this segment could be in significant demand in future. This presents an interesting business opportunity. Some experts believe that water will be the next oil for the following 20 to 30 years, such will be its increase in value.

Domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors depend on water and with rapid industrialization in many parts of the world, demand for water is rising significantly, while supply is becoming scarcer. As a result, significant investments in water have already begun.

Waste to Energy Need for hundreds of billions for waste water treatment in US will bring more business opportunities companies involved in this projects.

Business potential for recycled cartridges is exploding with over a billion inkjet cartridges being thrown every year. Others There are approximately 50,000 geothermal heat pumps installed in the United States alone each year. These statistics indicate that increasing public demand for alternative energy systems has created small scale investment opportunities for the geothermal heating and cooling industry.

American oil shale resources could provide a huge profit making opportunities for the emerging oil shale industry. You can either be an observer of the alternative energy industry revolution Or You can make your first move today so that you are part of the action tomorrow. Written by professionals and experts who have been observing the industry for many years, the Alternative Profits Report will assist you to clearly distinguish hype from real opportunity.

The Alternative Profits Report is a must-read for those interested in alternative and renewable energy and the exciting business opportunities they present.

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