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A look at the egyptian creation stories during ancient times

But first, a quick reference: Heliopolis is another Greek word and it means City of the Sun. It is the ancient Egyptian city of iwnw, now modern day Ayn Shams and other parts of greater Cairo.

Egyptian Creation Myth of Heliopolis

But just as the waters of this great Nile gave birth to life through the Earth, out of the Nun came the Benben. It also became the place where the first god, Atum, stood. Ra-Herakhty and Atum Ra-Horakhthy and Atum Atum is the source of everything in this world, and thus he is the creator of all life.

Before rising atop the benben, Atum was just floating aimlessly within Nun, holding both male and female aspects within himself.

At some point he willed himself to rise and then to create life. After this first creative act, Atum wept. As his tears fell, they turned into men and women.

  • His semen and breath became Tefnut moisture and Shu dryness , respectively;
  • And the men and women of the world;
  • The story continues with the emergence of Ra and the first generations down to Osiris and Horus;
  • And as I went I was bitten by a snake which I did not see -- a snake that, I had not created;
  • And henceforth Hathor laid low men and women only with the great power of love.

At the same time, Shu and Tefnut mated and birthed two children of their own. Geb and Nut were born in such a tight embrace that they had to be separated by their father.

Shu holding up Nut over Geb And so now the world as we know was formed, with air and moisture and sky and earth. And the men and women of the world.

  • I am Creator of the Great River of Egypt;
  • The elder son Osiris is the quintessential good god; he incurs the jealousy of his anarchic brother Seth, who murders him, dismembers him, and takes his place as the new king of the world;
  • Later, Osiris' cult became more popular, and he became the main god, being identified as a form of Ptah.

Geb and Nut then had their own children: Osiris, Set, Isis and Nephthys. Osiris then became the king of the Earth and took Isis as his beloved queen.

The Egyptian Creation Myth – The Ennead

They ruled the Earth for many years. And thus began the legend of Isis and Osiris, the greatest legend in all the land.

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