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A history of the camp david accord

Secret talks to negotiate the agreements were held at Camp David in Maryland. United States President Jimmy Carter took part in the negotiations.

Camp David Accords

Sadat and Begin Source: He wanted to regain control of the Sinai and end the war with Israel. Although Israel won the war, Sadat gained political prestige in the region for his daring attack.

He hoped that by making peace with Israel, Egypt could regain the Sinai and the United States would provide aid to a struggling Egyptian economy. He began to work with both the United States and Israel on forming a peace agreement. They met in secret at the presidential retreat Camp David in Maryland.

Camp David Accords and the Arab-Israeli Peace Process

The negotiations were tense. They lasted for 13 days.


President Carter played an important role keeping both sides talking throughout the negotiations. The Camp David Accords On September 17, 1978 the two sides came to an agreement and signed the accords.

  1. Agreements in the Camp David Accords There was such acrimony between Egypt and Israel heading into the talks at Camp David that Carter reportedly had to speak with each of the leaders separately in their respective cabins at Camp David on several occasions to reach consensus.
  2. Other regional developments, especially the Iranian Revolution, distracted U. Sources Camp David Accords; September 17, 1978.
  3. Although they were supposed to be honest brokers, their position—due to domestic pressure and the cultural and strategic relationship between the United States and Israel—was so close to the Israelis' that at times they presented Israeli positions. Because no official records or documents were exchanged, most public knowledge about the discussions comes from some of the participants and the media.
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  5. Middle East experts produced a draft treaty text, which served as the basis for the negotiations and would be revised numerous times during the Summit.

The accords established a framework for peace between the two countries and in the Middle East. They led to an official peace treaty between the two countries that returned the Sinai to Egypt, established diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel, and opened the Suez Canal to Israeli ships. However, the rest of the Arab countries in the Middle East were not happy with Egypt.

  1. Following his election as U.
  2. The negotiations were tense. During the spring and early summer of 1978, the United States attempted to find common ground with regard to Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai, West Bank, and Gaza.
  3. He also insisted that there be no direct press coverage of the meetings, fearing it would have a negative effect on negotiations. Israel agreed to withdraw from Sinai, and Egypt promised to establish normal diplomatic relations between the two countries and open the Suez Canal to Israeli ships which until then had been banned from the waterway.

They kicked Egypt out of the Arab League and denounced any peace agreement with Israel. On October 6, 1981, Anwar Sadat was assassinated by Islamic extremists for his part in the peace agreements.

US History

Most of their communication was through President Carter. These subsidies continue today.


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