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A discussion on the use of dialect to define justice

Dialect Dialect Definition A dialect is the language used by the people of a specific area, class, district, or any other group of people. The term dialect involves the spelling, sounds, grammar and pronunciation used by a particular group of people and it distinguishes them from other people around them.

Dialect is a very powerful and common way of characterizationwhich elaborates the geographic and social background of any character.

  1. As Ginsburg herself once said.
  2. Accents are markers of identity that we all have, evolving aspects of who we are that can lead people to make assumptions about us, for good or ill. The adventures of huckleberry finn discussion questions 1 - 10 this is one of the first books to use such dialect it is often said that justice is blind.
  3. Old and middle English had distinctive regional dialects. Years later, Justice Ginsburg read the unanimous opinion in a 2012 case about frozen sperm, another one about death and money.

Examples of Dialect in Literature Example 1: Here, Twain uses exaggerated dialect to distinguish between the characters. To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee Characters that are less educated and less sophisticated are usually shown to be speaking with a much stronger dialect.

A discussion on the use of dialect to define justice

At certain points you might even need translations. I suppose I have. The first year I came to school and ate those pecans, I almost died. Some people accuse him [Mr. Radley] of poisoning them, and keeping them over on the school side of the fence. Examples of Dialect in Poetry Example 4: Poor Bit of a Wench By D. Will never a man say: Take them and buy thee a silver ring And wed me, to ease my yearnings.

  • Clare Cushman, director of publications for the Supreme Court Historical Society, points to a line from the autobiography of a justice whom Ginsburg argued before;
  • The Supreme Court was not immune to sexist notions that marked the time.

Old and middle English had distinctive regional dialects. As the years passed, the West Saxon dialect became the standard.

In the British Isles, modern English give out hints of class as well as regional dialects. Almost every British country has its own variation to a certain extent.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Accent Changed

Baugh pointed out that in one place, at times, you can mark three dialectal regions in a single shire. Function of Dialect The narrative voice in literature usually aspires to speak in concert with the reality it illustrates.

Toni Cade Bambara has made a remarkable contribution to this aspect by choosing the language of her culture and community. She used her language as a very productive critical tool, and her dialect illustration in The Lesson functioned as an examination of how the people who listen to it ultimately hear the disparaged speech.

By reviving the language, which had long been marginalized, she contributes towards the effort to salvage the cultural identity of African Americans. It also proves the strength and power of language in portraying the diverse realities of people from different places.