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A comparison of the differences between consumer and b2b marketing

Content: B2B Vs B2C

Planned and Logical, based on needs. Emotional, based on want and desire. The decision making is quite difficult due to voluminous transactions. In B2B, the businesses are oriented towards making a good personal relationship with the other party to the transaction, as the size of the target market is small in size their major objective is to make customers from prospects.

For understanding B2B marketing, we will take an example of Shoe, How they come to the showroom and reach us?

Difference Between B2B and B2C

First of all the merchants will acquire raw material from the suppliers, after that cutting and machining is done, which is followed the making of the shoe and finally the finishing is performed on it. In this example, there are a series of transactions that occur for making a single shoe. B2B starts when the raw material is purchased and ends till it is distributed to the showroom.

Definition of B2C The transaction, which exists between business and the final consumer is known as B2C. The decision making in B2C is quite easy because the transaction is a single step, and does not involve many persons.

Nowadays, the consumers can purchase goods online too, which is also a business to consumer transactions where a consumer can select the product online and order it, the company will deliver it at the residence of the consumer. B2B is a business model where business is done between companies. In B2B, the customer is business entities while in B2C, the customer is a consumer.

In B2B, the buying and selling cycle is very lengthy as compared to B2C. In B2B the business relationships last for long periods but in B2C, the relationship between buyer and seller lasts for a short duration. In B2B, the decision making is fully planned and logical whereas in B2C the decision making is emotional.

The volume of merchandise sold in B2B is large. Conversely, in B2C small quantities of merchandise are sold.

  • B2B is mainly for those entities which sell their products to other business entities by adding value;
  • They are barraged with mail and sort through it quickly;
  • And you may or may not be sure who is who;
  • The decision making is quite difficult due to voluminous transactions;
  • From a creative standpoint, they are more alike than different.

Brand value is created on the basis of trust and personal relationship of business entities. In contrast to, B2C where advertising and promotion create brand value.

  • Just look at the mail you get in your office;
  • This includes decision makers, buyers, influencers, and users.

Conclusion The two business models cover the complete business process when they bring together. B2B is mainly for those entities which sell their products to other business entities by adding value.