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A comparison of dr frankensteins and dr jekylls work of science

Faisal Farrukh Analysis of similarities and differences between Dr. Hyde is a classic example of Victorian English fiction. It also falls into the time line of being Victorian English literature and based on European background. In both the novels, we see the authors to have dealt with individualism with bit of twist.

This twisted individualism, is referred as dualism in psychology. It is a psychological disorder, known as the dualism. Dualism is defined to be a thought of facts that is not explainable in general sense neither the thought can invalidate the very existence of the other fact.

Generally it has been between two opposing characteristics of a single person. Their works lead them to gore consequences but cannot make them stop or holding their work. Rather, in both instances of the novels, we see the main characters to encounter lots of horrifying incidents that denote immoral stands of them. Puzzled by the immoral experimentations outcome, both Dr. Jekyll and Frankenstein had to meet tragic death. But their death was necessary for the authors to construct their underlying message behind their works.

In the following section we shall be comparing, analyzing and reviewing these works to understand what and which messages each of these authors attempted to deliver to their contemporary readers through reflecting the time and the society. Wouterse, 2012 1 Analysis of similarities and differences between Dr.

Hyde and Frankenstein According to the story plot, both the leading characters of the novel, namely, Dr.

  1. Initially, the experiment is a success, as Jekyll is now free to indulge both sides of his personality.
  2. By now, the remains were over a month old. Works Cited Hultquist, R.
  3. Her parents were famous radicals of the day, heavily influenced by the ideals of the French Revolution. Jekyll creates a concoction to separate his natures by an accidental error in a salt like ingredient.

Hyde were suffering from personality disorder. The author applied both philosophical and religious context to interpret the characters. Hyde to crush a kid by stepping over him. Hyde who was a nominee to all the properties, assets and belongings of Dr. Jekyll is known to Utterson recently when Dr.

Jekyll changed his inheritance will for Mr. Hyde his rightful owner of all his property after his demise. What struck in the mind of Utterson is that Mr. Hyde might be making Dr.

Jekyll forced to opt for such will of nominee. Jekyll is being victimized and blackmailed by Mr. Stevenson, 2011 Let us write your college essays! Like and reach us now with your essay request at https: Hyde and Frankenstein In the next course of the plot we see a member of parliament, named by Sir Danvers, get murdered and witness to the murder scene calls that it was a gruesome act of Mr. The local authority start search for Mr.

Hyde but his whereabouts were unknown to everyone. While man hunt for Mr. Hyde was strengthening, Utterson received a note. To his shock, he found that the handwriting style of Mr.

Hyde is so identically same like Dr. His findings put him into more puzzled condition and he starts to discover the issue with more sincerity. At this point, he also realizes that though the handwriting of Dr.

  1. The furnace was then fired, using larger pieces of timber than had been used for Williams. Jekyll claims, I knew myself, at first breath of this new life, to be more wicked, tenfold more wicked, sold a slave to my original evil; and the thought, in that moment, braced and de...
  2. So, for example, controversies rage over the availability of euthanasia, artificial prolongation of life, and the booming international trade in body parts. In reporting his death, the conservative press was overwhelmingly unfavourable and dismissive.
  3. Hyde, Jekyll seeks the company of society, which drives him to create Hyde to avoid being judged. Both protagonists decline to reveal too much in the way of scientific detail; each seems at least at times to intend his narrative as monitory for his friend.

Jekyll is identical with Mr. Hyde, there were some differences. Those differences were in the slanting trend of the letters. Utterson figured that Dr. Jekyll could intentionally be doing it to move the suspicion away from him. And to validate the suspicion and witness statement on Mr.

Stevenson, 2011 On the next course of the story plot, Utterson come in contact with Dr. Lanyon who is known to be the best friend of Dr. Jekyll and holds great deal of information about Dr. Lanyon learnt from Utterson that Dr. But this does not shock Dr. Lanyon was so fed up with talking about Dr.

Frankenstein Comparing with Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

Jekyll that even denied to meet Dr. And at this point Utterson came to know that Mr. Hyde is probably locked in the laboratory of Dr. Utterson soon breaks into laboratory of Dr. Jekyll and interestingly finds the body of Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein Hyde. The prime suspect of the parliament member murder is dead.

Utterson finds a note on Mr. The note asked to be sent to Dr. Lanyon, the old friend of Dr. Jekyll, who develop very strong hard feelings about him. The note also asked to bring some chemical to Dr. Lanyon is brought to the laboratory of Dr. Jekyll, he read the note and made the chemical to swallow in the mouth of the body of Mr. Soon after swallowing the chemical, the body of Mr. Hyde quickly turns into Dr. Jekyll, in front of everyone.

Seeing such transformation, Dr. Lanyon gets a heart attack on the spot and die. Utterson then opens the letter and read it. He found that Dr. Jekyll was obsessed with dualism of personality; the good and the bad.

Jekyll invented the formula that can make him to decide turning good or bad per his wish consuming the chemicals. The entire story started to unveil because at one point of his experimentation Dr. Jekyll realized that he can easily turn evil or good at his will without the need to consume any chemical.

As his chemical supply exhausted and the transformation was not working, Dr. Jekyll could not turn into his true identity once he became Mr. Jekyll decides to kill himself, in the body of Mr. Stevenson, who was raised with Calvnisim upbringing, was religiously influenced from his mother and motivated to become an engineer like his father.

Stevenson bridged between 4 Analysis of similarities and differences between Dr. Hyde and Frankenstein strong religious beliefs and scientific thinking of engineering.

Unleashing Evil A Comparison of Vistor Frankenstein and Henry Jekyll

After his studies Stevenson extensively travelled into Europe and most of his earlier writing were based on adventure. The Strange Case of Dr. Hyde came in 1886 and showed that Stevenson was still under the influence of Calvinist upbringing. He posed strong interests in analyzing the characteristics and natures of evil.

Rosenberger, 2013 At the Victorian age the Calvinist practices involved total deprivation, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace and perseverance of saints. At that time the Londoners were greatly influenced by religious practices and beliefs and their daily life was greatly a demonstration of their religious participation. The Victorian England was free from violence, expression of emotion and sexual appetite in the public places.

Everything was sober, dignifying and morale. Hyde is a throwback to that society. Life in the Victorian England was too artificial, formal and based on public perception that undermined the individual differences and set expression of individualistic as a taboo. Being too cultured and civilized, the British people, would be losing its might to the rest of the world. With his work he showed that if people try to pretend, act and be what they are 5 Analysis of similarities and differences between Dr.

Hyde and Frankenstein originally not, then they are the living dead soul. The very end of Dr. Jekyll is reflective of the fact. Stevenson did not admire the Victorian social system of London at that time and believed that it was a dead society which is running from itself, running to hide itself from its true identity and ultimately will have to accept tragedy. Stevenson greatly remained successful in delivering his message to his audience. Or, The Modern Prometheus is another great novel and English classic written in letter form.