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A case study for the marketing plans and needs of apple inc

The objective of this paper to give a detailed analysis of strategic marketing in Apple Inc. This help us the know more about the customer awareness about the product and how to increase customer loyalty to the company so as to gain more competitive advantage. With those analyses we had a clear view on how the market is and how the company is positioned within the market. At the end of the study various recommendations have be raised on the subject matter.

Marketing is a dynamic complex function performed by most organizations in reaching out to new and existing customers about a product or services being produce or delivered by organization.

Marketing is not just about promoting commodities but rather it serves as one of the key measurement indicator for the success or failure in a competitive business atmosphere as accreted by Gronhaug et 2005.

Among the mentioned key words marketing serves, as a facilitator toward achieving some of the unlimited desired human needs and wants. For the transaction to take place the two parties most agree on mutually benefiting agreement where in most cases buyer pay certain amount of money for the commodity in need.

As accreted by Apple Annual report 2013 Apple is one of the American multinational innovative companies that designs invent and market their products all over the world. The company also provide divers of interrelated software, services, networking solutions and some key digital applications.

  • This competitive advantage gives the company a strong stand among its competitors;
  • This is why it products are fully compatible with one another, accessories and applications could be used on multiple platforms be it on iphone, ipad, macbook or ipod;
  • Even some essential software for backing up and data storing has a price in iOS;
  • And long-term, the company may still feel the loss of a leader who possessed an uncanny ability to see around corners, and bend other strong personalities to his will.

This multinational company sells most of its software and hardware products through iTunes store, App store, iBooks store and Mac App store. Nevertheless, the company also sales through its retail stores as well as online stores and sometimes through a third party cellular network carriers. Objectives According to 2013 Annual Report the three main objectives objective of the company are. The first objective is to increase and expand total sales, which will be accomplished through strategic expansion of distribution system to reach more customers.

This is done not only through advertisement but rather through expanding distribution network, which include through Internet Providers, Third Party Retail Stores and Flagship Stores. The company strategically invest on research and development to improve new generation products and mount new features to their product so as to offer new and satisfactory product to its customers.

In which case the internal structural formation and polices governing the company may be regards to as the micro, this integrate the whole internal organisation departments.

To analyse the internal organisational environment a well know analysis method is commonly used. The four SWOT factors are usually the decision determinate on internal basis at the corporate level.

This amazing prospect gives Apple high customer loyalty and high customer satisfactory rate.

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Basically Apple products have the same well design architectural interface and excellent product performance which makes customers adapt easily, this function gives customers a pretty good idea of the products they are about to purchase. Best Innovators in mobile technology: Over the years Apple has been considered the most innovators in mobile sector; in 2012 it has been chosen to be the best leading mobile innovator for the third time.

Strong Marketing and Advertising Teams: Apple has a strong marketing and advertising team, which help in standing them out among their competitors. Apple use less-is-better built to achieve marketing strategy and advert their products in a more persuasive and appealing style.

Have several strengths but on the other hand it also has some key weakness within the product and in the market as well which will be discussed in explicit below.

Apple products are considered to be expensive compared to the service and quality provided by the products. Taking one of their products into consideration, iPhone, one has to put into concern about the price compare to other competitive products by other companies. This can easily make some of their customers to go for other alternatives at lower price.

Uses it price weakness in developing a new scope of opportunity, the company in its recent innovation of iPhone5 produced iPhone5c along with a lower price, both of this phone have the same futures and functions only that the c is relatively slower and cheaper. These prices difference make a tremendous impacts to the sales of this products in the third world countries, this decision is carried along as part of the late founding wishes to create a brand loyalty in the developing countries and also among the younger generation.

Nokia a case study for the marketing plans and needs of apple inc is producing a new cheap product I the brand range of Nokia Asha, despite the reduction of price of apple product with the mission of preserving customer loyalty Nokia asha is posing a threat in which case its product are relatively more affordable to the developing countries and the younger generation than the apple products.

As accreted by Armstrong 1999 the microenvironment includes the external driving forces that outside the organisation that also affect the marketing position of the organisation either positively of negatively. This are mostly considered being above the organisational control. Where the political factors signify the government regulation and legal policies under which the organisation will function, the economic factors are the economic rules, policies and circumstance, which affect the organisation in carrying out its function.

The other two are the social and technology, the social factor embarks on the the socio-cultural day to day activities while the technology signify the rapid growth of technology as to how it affect function of an organisation. External analysis of Apple Inc As accreted by a cite named marketing minds 2012 Political. The factor of global economic crisis is a universal problem being faced by every company; the general raise in inflation rate triggers the unemployment rate to rise also.

  • As of Q4 2012, a meager 7;
  • Even some essential software for backing up and data storing has a price in iOS.

Furthermore, the issue of currency fluctuations is another critical economic factor that can easily affect the financial stability of the company, which is why Apple Inc uses the Value-at-ricks model to closely monitor this factor. Apple cantered their designs in line with global needs, in terms of cloud computing and music facilities icloud and itunes respectively.

As the modern world is becoming more electronically Apple products are becoming more accepted and socially recognise. As we are moving deep into technological age, Apple Inc is investing heavily on technological research and development on new technological innovations which is why today the company as being regarded as the ultimate leading innovation company.

Case study: How Apple builds everything around simplicity

This competitive advantage gives the company a strong stand among its competitors. Relationship between corporate and marketing strategy According to M. Therefore, marketing strategy is a sequential process that involve producing the right product, at the right place, with the right price and promoting the product suing the right channels.

The top executives are expected to pay more attention to marketing a case study for the marketing plans and needs of apple inc so as to see how to integrate corporate strategies with the marketing strategy. This is the only way for the organization to maintain it balance, if any of it corporate strategy could not align with the marketing strategy the organization has a high tendency to tumble on implementation of that strategy. Developing of Marketing Strategy Trellian 2012 concentrating on product or service development is an essential aspect of organizational growth, but this those not gives the organization a clear view to plot its long team future goals and objectives.

In the year 2012, Apple was voted to be the number one marketer by CMO award of marketing excellence and for the proceeding years Apple maintain its position of being the best marketer. Looking back at 1977 when the company was incorporated one of it investor with the name Mike Markkula created a three point marketing philosophy, amazingly 35years letter the company still manage to use it and gain strong marketing position and customer loyalty.

The three-point philosophy includes. To understand existing and potential customers better than any other company. To eliminate the irrelevant matters and focus on significant opportunities. To present its product in a professional and creative manner there by imputing the great desired quality because people do juge book by its cover. They company believe that even if they have the best quality product with the most amazing and useful features but if it is presented in a slipshod way, customers will perceived it as slipshod.

Achieving such kind of advantage helps in strengthen and positioning the company in a better and higher level within and outside the electronic industry. Marketing in Apple Inc. As asserted by a cite switchtomac 2009the company Apple Inc. The company uses all majors to know what exactly its customers want and how to get them excited with its products and services. The company also engage in in-your-face campaigns, which in a way have shown Intel-based laptops on fire and getting crushed steamrollers.

The company also use a unique logo positioning style where the logo light comes up when you open the laptop and positioned at the back. This is so because the company believe the logo is not for the existing customer but rather for the anticipated customer, a person who is in the market for one. This is why it products are fully compatible with one another, accessories and applications could be used on multiple platforms be it on iphone, ipad, macbook or ipod.

By given such avenue a customer enjoy great brand experience and also allow customers to have brand trust.

  • The young entrepreneurs brought different strength to their fledgling company;
  • How much is there left for everyone else?
  • Case Study Apple Support;
  • Build a brand plan to help you make smart focused decisions, so you can organize, steer, and inspire your team towards higher growth.

Conclusion This paper is centred on Apple marketing strategy, the study helped in highlighting more about positioning, branding, segmentation and marketing mix strategies. However, the internal and eternal analysis where done to recognize opportunities and threats as well as the strengths and weakness the company is may be facing.

Recommendations The company should provide high value for the products being offered to customers since customers have this perception of the products having a premium quality in the electronic industry. Therefore the company should distinguish its products from its competitors so as to maintain it premium pricing and quality.

The company should increase promotional programs, this never seems to damage any firm but on the contrary it proves to be significantly beneficial. Therefore, Apple should conduct more promotion to attract potential customers and boots customer traffic and sales.

This can be achieved by using TV commercials to educate existing and potential customers about its new products and services, meanwhile showing how appealing it is. The company should constantly make new innovations in their product designs, specifications and features so as to dominate the market and distinguish their products and services form competitive brand because technology market is highly competitive and the issue of clone is very common, a competitor can easily clone your product and sale.

This is why it is of high significant for the company to constantly invest in new innovations, features and designs. This will allow customers to buy the products more often and at the same time attract more attract more potential customers with great loyalty.