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Too much emphasis is placed in qualifications what are your views

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  2. Take for example law, medicine or teaching, it is impossible to be considered for a position without the required educational background. It shouldn't be that way.
  3. Michael Page takes a look at the best months to apply for a job in 2017. Linking devices are well used.

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  • It is considered by some that being a university graduate is the key to securing a good job while there are others who think that it is better to have experience and soft skills;
  • I have two degrees bachelor's and master's which you can verify, if you desire;
  • It shouldn't be that way.

Since early years, parents tend to instruct their child: This phrase usually becomes fateful in the person's life, because it conveys hidden message that grade is an indicator of knowledge and talents, so it is unnecessary to develop oneself, excellent grades are enough for self-satisfaction. At secondary school, such behavior of children can be understood: On the other hand, when I was at the 7th grade, I was said that excellent grades are the primary criteria for the college admission - that was the first time I tried to understand whether grades could measure knowledge.

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At that time, the question had positive answer, because I exemplified the situation with financial tables and graphs: Today, I think there is too much attention paid to grades and grade system in general.

Instructions, given to college newcomers are similar to parental recommendations, and, as I understood, students are encouraged to do well at college primarily with stipends and privileges in employment.

  • He thinks qualifications reveal much more about a person than just their academic prowess;
  • Read the jobseeker battle between Jackie, 55, and David, 22;
  • Therefore, I am in agreement of more people choosing vocational training education as this will cater to the deficit of skilled tradesmen such as professional tilers, painters, builders, etc.

This naturally is a nice stimulus for achieving perfection, but excellent marks do not point to one's professionalism and good job qualities, because one's analytical abilities, applied and demonstrated in different sorts of research, have no relation to one's ability to get along with coworkers or to invent some new strategies or approaches at work. As one might assume, grade is a figure or a letter, so it will never measure personality, because such character traits as assertiveness, ability to work in a team, flexibility are not shown in college grade, but only in the mark or position given to a person by the life itself, so colleges should pay less attention to graduation marks and try to pay more attention to objective estimation of the student's personal qualities.

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  • As a result there was an abundance of doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc, which was believed to be the best professions to be in;
  • College enrollments are down;
  • Read more workplace debates:

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  1. Is too much emphasis placed on grades in our educational system? Both sides are clearly discussed and the opinion is also clearly given.
  2. If you asked most employers if they would select a raw graduate with 3 years in education but no tangible experience, or a college leaver with 3 years relevant experience, I would expect the vast majority would favour the latter.
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  4. Everyone is already set up to do this type of check. It is sometimes argued that too many students go to university, while others claim that a university education should be a universal right.
  5. The ideal is a good combination of both theoretical knowledge and practical understanding, and I believe this is better. With computers doing the initial resume screening in many jobs, a human won't even have the option to see your resume without that degree box checked.