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The unattainable american dream in the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald

The American Dream symbolized in The Great Gatsby Symbolism is everywhere we turn, it is placed within commercials, in novels, in movies, and in posters we see hanging around. What is symbolism though? It is used to express ideas that are not directly stated more so they are inferred to whoever is looking at them. One concept that ideally expresses symbolism is the american dream.

The Great Gatsby and the Unattainable American Dream

Dreams differ from person to person however the american dream is a typical dream of high hopes and the destruction of a social class for equality. This concept of symbolism of the american dream is seen throughout many classic american literature.

  • A very large part of the American Dream is love, it always has been;
  • In contrast, when one seeks to have the Dream, they find that what they want is either not available or is out of their reach.

The Great Gatsby is all about the american dream, or more so F. His thoughts on the dream are unattainable. He believes that the way people are programed to be untrustworthy and loyal to a social class prevents anyone from reaching the epitome of the american dream. This is shown throughout his novel within different symbolism we see within the text.

His characters are all desperate to reach their goals that their desperation and greed prevent each other from their happiness. Gatsby is so admirable to said light saying it symbolizes our lives however it is always close yet so far away. It represents his love for Daisy and desires to win her back.

During the time period of The Great Gatsby is when the first traffic light was invented. And as we all know green means go. So is Fitzgerald really saying go for your dreams? Next an important sign of symbolism includes the cars we see throughout the novel. For the past century cars have been a symbol of wealth and luxury.

What you are driving is important to your social status. What a mini van says about you is different than what a BMW says about your standards.

Within the novel Gatsby is driving a Rolls RoyceI myself as a car lover understand the value and importance a Rolls Royce brings to the table. A Rolls Royce is a symbol of power, basically telling everyone else screw you because I made it. The american dream is telling everyone that you made it to exactly where they wish they could be. One aspect that is a very ideal symbolism is the color of the caryellow. In the novel it is said to be yellow to attract Daisy because that is the sole aspiration of Gatsby.

However if you take a closer look you soon realize yellow is just an off shade of gold. Color really means something special when you think about it. And while we are discussing colors let us discuss another character, Daisy. Throughout the novel she is depicted with the color white: When you think of symbolism of white what can you see?

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It is depicted as innocent and pure just like we are persuaded to think of Daisy as, the perfect american dream for Gatsby to chase. However once she brings on death to the novel her color pattern shifts and she is no longer associated with the color white. We learn her true colors pun intended which is indeed not a white anymore. One final note is the Daisy is actually the name for a white flower with a yellow center, two colors that strike importance within the novel of Gatsby.

One more peak of interest throughout the whole novel of The Great Gatsby is the concept of cheating. This concept is one considered to be disgusting and degrading. The american dream is all about being happy and reaching your goals, however if you are cheating on a person you are considered in a negative way which is the opposite of the depiction of the dream.

However it is unachievable in this novel, shown simply by the greed each character possess.