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The role of total quality management tqm in the food industry

To fulfil the customer satisfaction, six sigma process ideas by Motorola in The main difference between total quality management and Six Sigma process is that total quality management is for long-term success of the customer satisfaction.

The total quality management has been used for a long period of time. The quality management has helped the industry to maintain its standard. It has resulted in the production of superior products to the ultimate customer. Total quality management can be defined as the management process of improving product or goods in an organization. Total quality management is totally dependent on quality assurance Brotherton, Quality assurance system is the basic organizational structure of an organization.

Due to pace of time the organizations came to knew about total quality management process. The industry process started to improve growth of quality. Now-a-days organizations are more concern about the quality of product only. Total Quality Management is the process of managing the quality of products. Total quality management process is responsible for the involvement of product and services and its employees.

The total quality management method can be successful only when involving of all the management, suppliers, customer and workforce to fulfillment of customer satisfaction. Total Quality Management has some pros and cons while in the part of implementations. The main implementation of Total Quality Management is that it brings out sophisticated technologies Talib et al.

The total quality management brings initiative in the quality. It provides a platform of quality products. Rahman and Qureshi analysed that the organization that used total quality management methods got major successes in every field. Total quality management helps in meeting the requirements of the customers and their satisfaction. This has helped in the improvement quality according to the needs of the esteem customers.

Examples of Total Quality Management System Strategies

Total Quality Management helps in the engineering of various projects. Schroeder and Sakakibara critically evaluated that the total quality management have a major role to play in the food industry. The products, raw materials, machinery have to be under the quality managements.

This quality management has provided various rule and regulation to maintain standards in the production of products. It has been difficult to implement total quality management of this industry. There are various industrys which are implementing the total quality management programme. A food manufacturing industry cannot survive without the customers.

As the customers are the king of markets, the company has to sell quality products.

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Any type of food manufacturing industry demands 3 basic things - hygiene, safety and quality Corbett and Rastrick, The products so manufactured are of superior quality. The total quality management helps in achieving the desired target. The industries have to understand the various aspects of the customers as to manufacture the given products. According to Silo and Ebrahimpourthe total quality management have commitment to quality and excellence in the industry. In the total quality management process every employees have the right to rectify the mistakes that was committed.

The prevailing laws will be under the total quality management is similar.


The industries with the help of this act have been able to provide better and quality products. Right from the raw materials to the finished products. This act provides facilitates in right quality products at the right time with minimum cost. There is not any freedom of operation and production of food products.

HACCAP helps in the quality of products right from the preparation to the product delivery to the ultimate customers. The industrys have to maintain quality products to ensure that the target customers purchase the industrys products.

This system provides a platform for the industrys to ensure that the products are of superior quality. It also helps in cost effective manner in assuring safety of the products. In the current scenario the quality management have played an important role in the development of the food industrys. The industrys are now using the quality management for the production of the foods. The industrys are taking necessary steps in the production and supply of the product to the ultimate customers.

Waldman noted that the total quality management have helped food industrys in making standard products. Food industrys have now being using quality management as a standard for the manufacturing of the given products.

It has resulted in the proper flow of quality products to the ultimate customers. The quality management stands for superior products that are being manufactured by the industry. The improvement of the communication is an important step in the process of quality improvement. Methods should be applied in order to improve the satisfaction of the given customers and the product.