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The possible ways to prevent a possible terrorist attack in the us

What can governments actually do to stop terror?

Finnish news agency YLE interviewed American expert Mohamed Elsanousi, who has years of experience in terrorism prevention. Who is Mohamed Elsanousi? Elsanousi has advised many different government agencies of various countries on faith and peacebuilding related issues.

Elsanousi is also a doctor of law. In searching for the suspects many mistakes were made which encouraged radicalization more than prevented future attacks.

Five tangible steps we could take to stop terrorist attacks

Many innocent Muslims were surveilled, arrested and interrogated in the name of homeland security. However, lessons about preventing terrorism were also learned through these years. For example, cooperation between government authorities and mosques as well as grassroots efforts play key roles in terrorism prevention rather than massive security efforts.

  • Conceptualizing the threat The war against terrorism is a form of asymmetric warfare;
  • This means that US-led efforts to oust or weaken the governments of Syria and Iran have to stop;
  • This applies not only to people who carry out attacks but also to those who are planning to do so;
  • Such organisations gained greater traction in the country when Qaddafi was overthrown in a US-led war aimed at controlling resources in Libya and across Africa;
  • Elsanousi is also a doctor of law;
  • The incalculable death, suffering, and chaos that wars inflict are central among the conditions that foster terrorism and any plan for stopping the practice should put ending US-led militarism at the centre.

Mohamed Elsanousi, who has extensive experience in building cooperation between religious organizations and government, speaks about these lessons learned in the following text. His words are worthy of attention considering that he has advised the United States government. Labels are very important since the choice of words greatly affect the trust between Muslims and the rest of society.

According to Elsanousi, trust is everything. By avoiding these terms you are improving the potential for cooperation. You are sending the message: We are not accusing your faith and all Muslims of committing terrorist acts.

Understand Islam Or more to the point, where Islam is not at issue.

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However, uneducated people may see the issue differently. According to Elsanousi, this void could be filled by family, mosques or youth organizations.

If someone has a flawed understanding of Islam or political issues, it should be corrected. For this reason, education and dialogue about Islam should be increased in Western countries. Remember that Most Terrorist Attacks are Prevented by Muslims Themselves While speaking about terrorism it is sometimes forgotten that the majority of victims of terrorism are Muslims.

It is even more rarely known that the majority of terror attacks are often prevented by Muslims themselves. For example, often when a mother notices her son making preparations to leave for Syria, she has informed an imam. In some cases imams convince young people to stay, in other cases the imam informs the authorities, says Elsanousi.


Tips from Muslim communities have prevented attacks more often than information from United States security services. However, if police and other officials want information from Muslim communities regarding, for example, community members interested in violent extremism, they must gain the trust of the community.

  1. If You Conduct Intelligence Activities, Inform Imams In the United States security service agents obtained information about a suspected terrorist by posing as Muslim and infiltrating mosques.
  2. None of the recent killers had been assessed in such a way, and so were not subjects of interest placed under surveillance.
  3. This is why new laws and emergency provisions will ultimately fall short. This is exactly what happened in Brussels and Istanbul.
  4. These bases facilitate US-led imperialist wars and their presence functions as a threat against political actors who may wish to chart a course with a view toward the welfare of the local population rather than to US dictates. However, uneducated people may see the issue differently.

According to Elsanousi, you gain the trust through dialogue. Elsanousi himself participates every other month in a Ministry of Justice meeting where security services and religious community representatives discuss their concerns. This is how we have created space for dialogue.

However, trust is easily broken. The United States has made many such mistakes.

Security of potential targets

Elsanousi urges at least avoiding the following pitfall: If You Conduct Intelligence Activities, Inform Imams In the United States security service agents obtained information about a suspected terrorist by posing as Muslim and infiltrating mosques. The mistake was that the staff of the mosque was not informed about the surveillance activities -If you conduct such activities without discussing with the community, it causes mistrust between religious communities and authorities.

It is better that such actions are taken in mutual understanding. Otherwise you give a message that the entire community is under suspicion. If you lose the trust of the community you make the work of discovering who is a terrorist more difficult.

By this, Elsanousi also means news that exaggerates acts of discrimination towards Muslims. However, this was not the whole picture.

Elsanousi calls for the media to also acknowledge and report positive trends. For example, the number of planned terror attacks has decreased. However, the truth is that influential Muslims have issued many fatwas condemning terrorism. Muslims have spoken out about the issue but media has not published their words. Priests, Rabbis and Imams: Work Together In the United States, religious leaders have been extremely helpful in repeating the peaceful message of Muslims.

Christian communities have organized press events where Muslims have condemned terrorism publicly. However, the assistance of the media is also required so that the message reaches the largest possible audience. They should collectively repeat the message that says: