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The myths surrounding the misunderstood dog breed pitbull

  1. However, when being tested for their temperament against other breeds of dogs, the pit bull actually was seen to score above average in having good temperament, even beating the temperament of the golden retriever in the process. As we stated earlier, this reputation of bad behavior and dangerousness among a breed of dog has gone through many different breeds over the course of a century.
  2. Uncategorized miles26 , rcl1314 Caroline Gooch This week I would like to address an issue that really gets to me.
  3. Pit bulls have locking jaws This myth, like the others, is completely false.
  4. However, they are given a very bad name for no good reason. Because of this popularity, many dog breeders are overbreeding pit bulls or are not spaying or neutering their own pit bulls, which leads to unwanted puppies.
  5. Pit Bulls are very loving and loyal animals and because of this, they are great with children. Some pit bulls even served as heroes for their country, serving in war and helping in those regards.

Today, pit bulls remain largely misunderstood because of irresponsible owners, sensationalist news stories, and a proliferation of myths. As a result, breed specific legislation BSL has popped up in cities across the U.

The stigma that marks pit bulls has also contributed to their rise in U. One in four of all animals brought into shelters are pit bulls, and their average euthanasia rate hovers at 93 percent across the board.


However, if given the chance, pit bulls can be very loving companions, and in some communities, they have even become heroes, saving people and their guardians from harm. Discover the top five reasons pit bulls are misunderstood below, then help debunk these myths by telling your family, friends and social media followers the real truth about pit bulls.

  • Howard Evans and Dr;
  • Pit bulls are naturally violent, aggressive and mean, and are very dangerous dogs Pit bulls are not inherently dangerous;
  • Of course, this is a myth, and the dogs are not by any means solely responsible in a dog biting scenario.

Most people cannot actually spot the difference between a true American Pit Bull Terrier and other breeds. Try to see if you can yourself with this test from Pit Bull Rescue Central.

  1. However, they are given a very bad name for no good reason. Eventually, and hopefully, a time will come when this passes for the pit bull terriers, and they no longer become the fear of so many people all over.
  2. Furthermore, many countries around the world are lifting their bans as well, allowing all dogs to be treated equally throughout the world.
  3. While this is something that we are trying to stop, it is difficult to help these poor, innocent dogs from being neglected and abused.

Find the answer key here. Pit bulls are born to fight Pit bull dogs are not born ready to rip into another dog, animal or human being. These dogs are forced to fight to the death in many instances, and those who cannot go on are abandoned, or killed by electrocution, gunshot, or other cruel means.

It is then not the dogs who are cruel and vicious, but rather those behind their training. Pit bulls are naturally violent, aggressive and mean, and are very dangerous dogs Pit bulls are not inherently dangerous.

Like any other dogs, they can become violent, aggressive and mean through a lack of training, abuse, neglect and irresponsible ownership and breeding as well as a lack of attention to health and temperament issues.

If they are treated with respect and trained properly, pit bulls will exhibit little to no negative traits just ask a loving pit bull adopter!

In fact, according to the American Temperament Test SocietyAmerican Pit Bull Terriers, the most popular breed used in dog fights, have a very high temperament passing rate of 82. Even dogs commonly thought to be kind and gentle and they are, with the right care like Bearded Collies and Chihuahuas scored lower than American Pit Bull Terriers.

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Pit bulls have locking jaws This myth, like the others, is completely false. Howard Evans and Dr. Pit bulls have a high bite rate Dog bite statistics are often unfairly skewed to paint pit bulls as the primary perpetrators. Moreover, dog bite or attack stories involving a bully breed are typically written in a way that demonizes the dog and sensationalizes the story, further fueling fear and misconceptions about pit bulls.

Rather, it highlights that perhaps there is more to the story than is actually being reported i.

The 20 Worst Myths About Pit Bulls

If you have any other misconceptions to add to this list, let us know with a comment below! Sign up for our newsletter below! Mountain Gorilla Numbers Are on the Rise! Between 2010 and June 2016, the population of mountain gorillas in Africa grew from 480 to 604.

Throughout history, Greyhound racing has often been touted as an innocuous opportunity to witness the immense speed and grace of these long-legged dogs.

Just consider these alarming facts from the Animal Legal Defense Fund that paint a clear picture of what the industry is really like: She had been in the news recently because of her severely emaciated condition, which incited a fear of what has now tragically come to pass.