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Report on ecstasy fashion house of bd

Mahadi Hasan 14304102 Abu Salah Md. Submission of Term Paper. We would like to recall with gratitude, the tremendous support and encouragement, which we received from you. WE have tried our best to implement the knowledge in this assignment that we have learned. As an Instructor and Advisor, you provided valuable insights and academic training to improve the quality of our work. We are grateful for your stimulating guidance and encouragement during the period of preparation this assignment paper.

Without your guidance, this would simply not have been possible. There may have many omissions and errors on our assignment but we have tried our level best to prepare this paper the required standard. We are looking forward for your kind appraisal on this assignment. Sincerely yours, E c s t a s y: From which we have earned a wonderful experience and have learned many things. As a part of our studying Business Administration, our course instructor of Business Environment had assigned us to prepare an assignment paper external and internal factors of Ecstasy Bangladesh.

To do that it requires a great deal of help from others, which we got from our classmates and friends. We are grateful to all of them who helped us.

Ecstasy lifestyle store offers quality, exclusive and trendy merchandise to their customers. There are 23 outlets of Ecstasy are there in Bangladesh. Only Dhaka city has 17 outlets. Ecstasy has an outlet at Dubai also. It is matter of great achievement that the apparels of Ecstasy are in an International standard and made by Bangladesh. Ecstasy has a plan to increase the amount of outlets in Dhaka city along with Bangladesh and they have well prepared plan to set up show rooms at abroad They have taken a place where a few can possibly take over.

There are a lot of brands except Ecstasy but it seems that young people have a soft corner for Ecstasy because the brand was launched at 2006 with T shirts and after that they never looked back.

On the other hand, there have SWOT analysis is a tool that helps to oversee how strong the company or the brand is against the competitors. In a larger sense, in a fashion market, SWOT will help you understand the fashion marketplace and your brand's place within it. Though ECSTASY has much great strengths, it also has many weaknesses that have been hindering if from being the best fashion house of the town.

Opportunities are external factors that have a positive influence on you achieving the goals Threats are all the externals factor of a company that can prevent the major concern for ECSTACY is being how they can please their customer more and how they can keep the trust of their customers and by offering various new kinds of products as well.

On the other hand YELLOW is also becoming a fast growing clothing brand as it is also very popular he company from reaching its goat the end of the day even though ECSTACY can achieve a lot more things it has become a big asset for this country.

We would suggest everyone to visit ECSTACY and buy their products as it offers us with things that we daily need and also have international products. From clothes to report on ecstasy fashion house of bd ornaments we get a lot to choose from. If they continue to develop we can no longer have to go abroad to buy quality clothes and accessories and objectives. Tanjim is a sister concern of Ecstasy. Ecstasy has been innovative and interesting in the line of fashion industry. The brand is the innovator in fashion product.

It will continue to innovate and design unique strategies. They offer limited edition items, which allow creating perfect personal look which is updated throughout the season. They always work on wearable products. Since the premiere of interesting washed T-shirt in 2006, which had a major influence on street fashion, was a natural consequence. Ecstasy has broadened its concept to include a newer, edgier image, appealing to all styles, trends and ages, while keeping the product in the purest form it provides customers with a rugged, trendy yet fashionable sense of clothing.

Ecstasy has a plan to increase the amount of outlets in Dhaka city along with Bangladesh and they have well prepared plan to set up show rooms at abroad also. People nowadays are getting fascinated specially the young generations by the advertisement of Ecstasy. People are getting attracted and Ecstasy is report on ecstasy fashion house of bd its market share day by day.

Ecstasy Bangladesh is now in the front row of the fashion era of Bangladesh. People are now buying the stuffs of Ecstasy with pleasure and this brand has made their own identity at the mind of customers. They have taken a place where a few can possibly take over. Their market share went up and up and now they are at the number one position. At first they wanted to establish this Bangladeshi brand as an International brand but due to the lack of financing they could not do it so, they had started selling various types of brands under one umbrella.

They have made their own position in the market by selling exclusive types of apparels and stuffs. Internal Environment The internal environment is the environment that directly affects the business. Here are some internal factors which are generally controllable because the company has control over these factors.

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The internal factors fundamentally incorporate the inward strengths and weaknesses. Internal factors can influence how an organization meets its objectives. Strengths favorably affect a business. Weaknesses harmfully affect the firm. Value System The value system of the founders and those in charge of undertakings has essential bearing on the decision of business, the mission and the targets of the association, business strategies and practices.

Mission, Vision and Objectives Vision implies the capacity to consider the future with creative ability and insight, Vision is a vital factor in accomplishing the goals of the association, The mission is the medium through which the destinations are accomplished. Management Structure and Nature The structure of the organization additionally impacts the business decisions, The organizational structure like the arrangement of top managerial staff, impacts the decisions of business as they are internal factors.

The structure and style of the association might postpone a choice making or some different aides in settling on brisk choices. This incorporates complicated or off base record keeping. Intrusions to Ecstasy's production network and obsolete or flawed E c s t a s report on ecstasy fashion house of bd If Ecstasy cannot overcome these, their clients may consider them to be problematic.

Ecstasy can likewise lose all their information. Strategic Risks These influence Ecstasy's capacity to achieve the objectives in the strategy for success. They could be because of the effects of changes in technological developments or customer demand.

These elements could pose as threats as they can alter how customers perceive your product. It is crucial to stretch one stage beyond. Innovation could come in the form of marketing. It could likewise be through promotional initiatives in the marketing plan, staff training, and welfare.

Grasping new innovation is the most ideal approach to stay aware of technological progressions. An absence of advancement can represent a serious risk to a developing business. No innovation will cause a company to remain boring. The organization will become dull, stagnant and immaterial. Financial The monetary risk relies on upon the money related structure of Ecstasy's business. It is additionally subject to their business transactions and the financial systems.

For instance, changes in interest rates or being excessively dependent on one customer could influence business. Employee Development Employees are fundamental to business success. The strength of workers is additionally a vital internal business component.

Report on ecstasy fashion house of bd

They check on a regular basis if representatives are motivated, persevering and capable. They will deliver better results contrasted with an unmotivated and less talented workforce.

The procedures and report on ecstasy fashion house of bd between and inside of offices can likewise enhance adequacy and productivity. In a high performing working environment, the laborers have ability, as well as work better together. The employees and departments collaborate on ideas and resolutions. Often, firms provide a formal structure with its mission and vision statements. Some cultural implications which result from leadership approaches are: The SWOT analysis of a certain company helps to understand all the positives and negatives factors of a certain company based on the internal and external environments.

In this research, we, team Atlantic, have had an over through analysis on ECSTACY to find out all of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Firstly, SWOT analysis is a tool that helps to oversee how strong the company or the brand is against the competitors. Variation in the product line could be strength of ECSTASY as it provides many lifestyle brands starting from pants, shirts and ranging to from body spray and watches.

Its Brand name and its employees are also a part of its strengths. Environment is also strength for the company as the company provides a safe and secure place for shopping to the customers.

The company has a very strong brand name and is popular among the buyers and it can also be said that ECSTASY is the first choice of many buyers for their clothing. While we visited to ECSTASY for our better research purpose, we found that all the employees were very much conscious about their job and were in a amicable mood towards the customers, and such type of attitude helps to sustain a good relationship with the customers and also create a good brand name.

ECSTASY always tries to keep in touch with the changing fashion combined with culture, which is also a great strength for the company. Our research has found that not all people can afford their products except for the upper middle and topper class people.

Also, not being able to establish their branches in many other districts and countries is a weakness. The managers of Banani, ECSTASY has informed us that if they had their branches in every districts of the country, their profit would boost up to as much as double. Hand watch is such a product as these are limited in number in all of its branches.

Ecstasy launches flagship store at Banani

Opportunities are external factors that have a positive influence on you achieving the goals. Opportunities are where the company can go with the flow of the environment based on its strengths. As the country is being more digitalized, hence online shopping and E-commerce are the opportunities of this fashion house.

As more people are trending towards online shopping and that online shopping is a trend, the company can get advantage out of it and also make profit.