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Practice and repetition is the road to perfection

October 17, 2014 Article Author: The kind of meeting that causes you to consider faking a cerebral hemorrhage just to have an excuse to leave? Look at the case study above. Many people struggle with role-playing because they are put in positions of glorified public failure. So why do so many managers miss this?

Quotes about Repetition

Sales mastery is about the hard work of repetition. The destination called mastery is on a road called repetition. In music, in art, in athletics, in surgery, in writing software…you name it.

The destination called mastery is on a road called repetition, and on that road there are neither short cuts nor express lanes.

Practice and repetition is the road to perfection

The 10-5-3-1 plan is predicated upon the idea that I constantly must raise the discomfort bar if I am to constantly improve my performance.

The premise is simple but profound: If it does not challenge me, it does not change me. Listen after each recording and make notes. Listen for word choice, pace, enthusiasm, relaxed tones, etc.

Do it 10 times, even if you feel like you have it down. You want to turn the technique into muscle memory. After 10 times, you should be comfortable with the technique…which means you need to get uncomfortable all over again.

Find someone who will be brutally honest with you and who will coach you for performance improvement. This will be uncomfortable at first, but far less so after having practiced repeatedly alone.

Repetition: The Key to Mastery

Get better each time, and continue to build your muscle memory. After five times, it will be much more comfortable. You are honing in on perfection! By now you should be on autopilot. How ready are you to now take your perfected technique and use it in real life? How high is your confidence level? How bold will you be when others are uncomfortable?

Practice and repetition is the road to perfection

I mean, pick a skill and get to work on it right now. Find the voice recorder feature on your smart phone and lay that baby down.

Do not hesitate; do not give your comfort addiction the chance to derail your quest for mastery. Jeff Shore is a sales expert, speaker, author, trainer, and consultant whose BE BOLD methodology teaches you how to change your mindset and change your world.

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