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Modern eastern europe the politics of ethnic cleansing and genocide

He himself survived the war in a Catholic monastery, even converting temporarily to Catholicism.

  1. The correlation between nationalism and modernity depends on how the latter is defined. In Russia, pogroms against Jews and Muslims had been carried out with unprecedented ferocity.
  2. In the age of modern imperial expansion, acts of genocide and mass murder were ostensibly carried out beyond direct state control through laissez-faire politics.
  3. Both Spanish and French rulers, including powerful clergymen, believed that differences in faith would lead to social unrest. Initially used in news coverage as a euphemism for the genocide taking place in Croatia and Bosnia, it now occupies the middle ground between genocide and homogenization, and includes any policy aimed at the eradication of an ethnic group from a given territory whether physically by relocation or murder or culturally.
  4. Typically, this process has been facilitated by totalitarian rule.
  5. Colonial genocide outlasted the demise of empire.

But his parents were caught and eventually killed by the Nazis. His experiences surely influence the way he writes about the Holocaust. The Years of Extermination is a book of enormous erudition, brilliant exposition and emotional sensitivity.

  • Homogeneity, however, is an ideological construct, presupposing the existence of a unified, organic community;
  • Holocaust studies has traditionally been the most prolific area in genocide studies and in fact stands as a separate field on its own;
  • Whereas cultural homogenization is a historically documented occurrence, homogeneity per se is an ideological construct;
  • Decades later, the final days of the British Raj evidenced massive atrocities against the Kikuyus and other tribes in Kenya Elkins 2005 , while the entire population of Diego Garcia Chagos islands was secretly deported and their land given to the US Air Force in 1968 Curtis 2003:

It weaves an analysis of the Nazi campaign to eliminate the Jews with the story of the life and death of the Jews themselves. The voices of the victims are unforgettable as they are crushed by the racism of German society and overwhelmed by the power and determination of the Nazi racial state, both of which were determined to be rid of them. You feel the hopelessness of the persecuted Jews, and shudder with terror at the Nazi assault. The Holocaust is so central to any discussion of genocide.

Daniele Conversi

When does it help, and when does it not, to draw comparisons to it? I think about the Holocaust as the most extreme case of genocide. After all, it gave rise to the concept of genocide in the work of Raphael Lemkin and the international law against genocide, passed unanimously by the UN.

But other cases of genocide were also relevant both to the thinking of Lemkin and to the framers of the convention.

Cultural Homogenization, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide

In order to understand the origins, processes and effects of genocide, the Holocaust needs to be compared with other episodes over time and space.

Comparison — including identifying dissimilarities — is at the core of explanation.

  • Later, fingerprinting technology was pioneered in the British Empire, as Britain was reluctant to apply these measures of surveillance and control at home Sengoopta 2003;
  • Many forms of ethnic cleansing accompany, or follow, waves of cultural Westernization.

Why does Holocaust denial still exist? What should our reaction to it be? It seems that every case of genocide contains within itself the sources of denial. Perpetrators immediately try to hide the enormity of their crime and deny its existence. At the same time, there is no one explanation for Holocaust denial.

Edited by Donald Bloxham and A. Dirk Moses

There is a kind of perverse pleasure that some writers take in denial. There are also those in both victim and perpetrator communities who simply cannot abide Jewish claims to special victimhood in the Holocaust. There are anti-semites and anti-Zionists who shroud their hatred of the Jews in Holocaust denial, and so on.