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Man his own worst enemy do you agree

Hire Writer At the same time food supplies are also being dropped on similar grounds, targeted on innocent civilians. Surely by supplying food to the civilians man must have contemplated initially the repercussions that would follow if a war should begin? War could only mean one thing; civilians from both sides die, guilty and non-guilty alike.

Man is torn between what is essentially right and wrong. He chooses to kill some and save some.

Man Is His Own Worst Enemy Essay

But no, man would not hear of that now. He would want to venture into something he does not know and learn things the hard way, bringing down with him innocent lives and precious natural resources vital for future consumption. Man has now to face the unbeatable monster in him.

Consider the nuclear and biochemical weapons that man has invented. Is this another folly of the fallen man? That, we are not sure just as yet but we know nuclear weapons are not built because they happen to be another high-tech devices set in trend.

It is because the existence if nuclear weapons also comes with it a newfound power for the owner. A power to kill and to control. Finally, man has found the ultimate killing means that promises high death rates and effective elimination of any party that get in his way with great ease.

  • A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play;
  • Or is it that Man just does not care?
  • It still astounds many that such acts that cause such revulsion now did not seem so to the culprits at that time;
  • Thus is the nature of man who has become so intricate and practically unfathomable.

But the underlying nuances for such creation is scarier, the insinuation that man would destroy each other at some point in time willingly, without actual consideration for the consequences of it. This is quite ironic for man who wielded such supreme intellect, to not to consider his actions.

Or is it that Man just does not care? Examine the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where the first atomic bombs were dropped and killed more than the actual numbers at that time. The ghost of the event still haunts many today psychologically and physically.

These bomblets would then maim and kill many like landmines long after the war has ended. Man has set out to kill themselves after centuries of trying to survive?

  • It has been argued by critics that up until the end of the play, Othello fails to realise his own guilt;
  • No art can ever be a waste of time;
  • Music is often considered as one of the two most precious gifts from God.

The numbers killed in relative to proportion is explicitly high and man still could not explain himself. World War II saw the physical manifestation of evil in man. Consider the methodical and efficient ways the Jews are killed tells of man who would inflict torture and pain on another fellow human being maliciously and intentionally for basically no reason at all.

Even if the whole war boils down to the one sole lunatic proprietor, Hitler, it gives no reason for the rest below him to carry out such senseless killings simply because it was an order. It still astounds many that such acts that cause such revulsion now did not seem so to the culprits at that time.

Man is such complicated creature that his existence is full of conflicts within himself. To defeat your enemy must mean that you understand him, but man is now faced with an enemy that he could not at all comprehend despite the natural intellect ordained from above.

  • Thus is the nature of man who has become so intricate and practically unfathomable;
  • What Sartre is saying here is that humans are first simply there, he does not have a real purpose in the beginning, and only until a later time will they define a purpose for themselves through his own actions and decisions.

A famous philosopher once said that the greed in man sows the seeds of deceit and eventually downfall of the man himself. Karl Marx opposes that theory and put it simply that such freedom of actions in economy would eventually allow the greed of man to multiply itself until it could not contain itself, thus the outburst of despair would mark the end of humanity.

In Singapore, we are faced with the worst recession since the 1960s and approximately 30000 to 40000 people are out of job. In the US, more than 400 000 people are laid off in two months and numbers are still expected to rise. What we are seeing here is that the players in the economy have played against themselves.

During these times, those who had hands in the stocks investments find themselves literally with nothing.

Man Is His Own Worst Enemy. Do You Agree?

Participants in the race for property ownerships in Singapore, particularly during the mid 1990s experienced an exponential plunge in property prices and landed themselves in unending debts. Greed for purchasing power tempted many to subscribe to more than one credit card and now find themselves not able to keep afloat in the interests that tantamount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many do not realise their own folly until they fall flat in their faces.

In daily ventures, individuals often find themselves entangled in webs of deceit, lies, manipulation, jealousy and spite. Many times, Man is the cause of failed relationships and careers. It could build or destroy oneself. Life progresses from one of blissful existence to one of struggle. In every man lies the green-eyed monster, the inextinguishable greed and within these also is the struggle of conscience.

Thus is the nature of man who has become so intricate and practically unfathomable. Until man could finally understand himself, what he wants and what is essentially necessary in life, he remains his own worst enemy. How to cite this page Choose cite format: