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Little drops of water make a mighty ocean


  • Samuel Johnson outlines how, through persistence and application and "petty operations incessantly continued", major and great accomplishments finally result;
  • This poem came to be published uncredited as a children's rhyme and hymn in many 19th century magazines and books, sometimes becoming variously attributed to Ebenezer Cobham Brewer , Daniel Clement Colesworthy , and Frances S;
  • Little scraps of paper,;
  • Applied to practical living, one can take heart from the fact that even an hour withdrawn from routine and devoted regularly to a particular task, would bring about substantial rewards, especially when this pursuit is interspersed with longer periods of time, even if these be done only once in a way;
  • Little deeds of kindness, Help to make earth happy Like the heaven above;
  • On this issue of how 'small' things add up to produce the huge, two separate verses are highly illustrative - one by Julia Fletcher Carney and another from the ancient Sanskrit work, Hitopadesha.