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Incident for discussion critical care hospital and the purchase of catscan

In Section 502, he also incentivized healthcare providers to transition from X-ray and computed radiography CR to digital radiography DR —and, in the process, help lower patient exposure to ionizing radiation. The expectation, Sander says, is that private payers will soon follow.

So the law really takes money from the technical side and moves it back to the professional component. However, the law does allow for the use of a modifier on the existing CPT code.

Sander says the law could be a good thing for radiology practices if it gets them to a more modern solution that streamlines workflow and promotes growth.

Capturing a radiography exam could decrease from three minutes when using CR to 40 seconds when using DR. The same IMV report lists the average age of X-ray equipment is 13 years, meaning many facilities will need to consider replacing the systems as well as the detector technology.

With the wireless detector technology, detectors can be swapped across systems whenever needed. Virtual Grid processing simulates grid use for exams acquired without a grid, so it eliminates physical grid-related misalignment issues, tunes image contrast, and emulates grid characteristics such as grid ratio, density and interspace material.

Changes in reimbursement to propel digital radiography

A key reason to start the transition to DR in the trauma department was the ability to lower patient dose. With many trauma patients being young victims of car accidents, it made sense to start there, Tobin says. Plus, with DR the exam time is reduced by three to four minutes per image acquisition—and that time is precious when dealing with trauma or other critically ill patients.

Tobin also recommends that other sites involve their IT department from the start.

What should I do if I see an error made in the hospital?

There was a conflict with the frequency being utilized for other devices and that had to be adjusted before the DR plate could transmit images to the DR receiver. Then, he read about the changes in reimbursement for film-based X-ray that would begin that same year.

One key member was Kerri Hessey, an outpatient practice manager who organized all the meetings, kept the team on track, and compiled a lot of the data used to arrive at key decisions. Also, being able to program specific views based on the type of exam—a feature the radiologists were keen to implement—would enhance consistency of the studies across the different sites.

Trauma 2019

Beginning in July 2016, five outpatient film-based sites will be converted to the Konica Minolta AeroDR wireless flat panel detector. Four outpatient sites currently using CR will transition to the wireless DR panels in 2018. Thanks to the 2015 acquisition of Viztek, Konica Minolta now offers the Exa platform, a scalable PACS that facilities can implement on a smaller scale and then increase capacity and capabilities as the facility grows.

Sander adds that Exa PACS is an entirely web-based solution with a zero footprint viewer that offers full diagnostic toolsets and reading capabilities from any computer.

What is Patient Safety?

When placing a tube or central line, such as a peripherally inserted central catheter a PICC lineclinicians can now verify immediately at the bedside the proper placement. Sander also says that with the clinical speed of portable DR, customers also want better uptime, shorter panel charge time, and more durable panels.

Robotics is also emerging as an important trend in medical imaging—and not just in fluoroscopy and angiography.

With the robotic arm, the Multitom Rax automatically aligns to the patient based on the type of exam. If needed, the system can even capture a 3D cone beam CT for bone studies.

Doing more with less: More throughput, faster exam times, consistent imaging and less radiation dose exposure for patients—these are the value propositions that DR provides to facilities of all sizes and types as they seek to transition from CR to DR. References Rules committee print 114-39 text of house amendment 1 to the senate amendment to h.