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Impact of social and cultural environment on kfc

Environment Nutrition KFC is proud of the improvements they have made to their high quality food and remain committed to improving the overall nutritional makeup of its products.

They continue providing consumers with great tasting products that meet their dietary needs. KGC is a great option for consumers who love the flavor of KFC, but are looking for products that are lower in calories. KGC has between 80 and 220 calories, 4-10 grams of fat and 1-3 grams of saturated fat depending upon the piece. KFC continues to offer a variety of sides to balance any meal including green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn and cole slaw, each having less than 10 grams of fat per serving.

  • Although not seen by many people, this system provides water to restroom sanitary fixtures;
  • In January 2016, six team members from the highest performing restaurants will visit the communities in Laos to experience how World Hunger Relief funds are helping to provide meals;
  • These students receive half of their university fees paid for by KFC plus paid time off for lectures, travel and accommodation expenses.

KFC introduced Kids Meal with plenty of meal options under 300 calories. As part of their strategy to provide greater choice in the U. These provide a healthier option at lunchtime, with impact of social and cultural environment on kfc example one-third fewer calories than burger and fries and was supported by a significant media campaign. Fiery Grilled Chicken was promoted heavily and has proven to be a successful addition to the menu.

These lighter menu options are displayed on dedicated special green menu board spaces. Customer satisfaction and product quality were very high. KFC Australia At KFC Australia, they are passionate about great tasting food and are continually investigating how they can improve products and provide broader menu choices. They have been on a journey to improve balanced food choices for their customers and are committed to reducing sodium and sugar, and reducing trans-saturated fats to less than 0. In 2013, they launched a permanent grilled menu, ensuring that customers can enjoy more options when visiting KFC Australia.

Transparency KFC Australia At KFC Australia, they are committed to being open and transparent in how they cook their food, providing customers with the opportunity to make informed decisions on behalf of themselves and their family. They have been proactive in their approach to kilojoule labeling for some time, making it easier for customers to be aware of the nutritional content in their meal. Since 2002, they have provided allergen information on in-store brochures Since 2008, they have provided detailed nutrition and allergen information on in-store brochures and on their website Since 2012, they were one of the first quick service restaurant systems in Australia to introduce menu board labeling in all their stores nationally, despite this not being required by law in every state Since 2013, they introduced a nutrition calculator on their website, for their customers to easily understand the nutritional value of their food KFC South Africa Our KFC South Africa market updated their website in June 2013 to provide the nutritional information that customers need to make informed decisions.

Nutritionals are also available on request in the restaurant. The BBC documentary opened up their kitchens and allowed customers, to see behind the scenes, about where their food comes from and how they prepare it.

Ongoing, they continue to provide simple and clear information on their new look website and in restaurants on their menu panels that show calorie and energy content. They launched a new twitter page last year and this is proving to be a useful channel to answer questions honestly and rapidly and to point customers to more detailed information on our website.

Nutrition brochures are displayed in all restaurants and provide an overview of calories, nutritional data, additives and allergens as well as a QR code to link to the KFC online nutrient calculator. The calculator enables consumers to calculate all menu options concerning nutrients and to get information on allergens and additives.

On all tray liners information on nutrients, allergens and additives are available. Besides the main nutrient categories fat, carbohydrate, protein, energy additional information on saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt is now included. In addition, KFC offers leaflets in store which contain information on nutrition. Great progress has been impact of social and cultural environment on kfc to date, yet the brand recognizes there is still more work to do and is committed to addressing this nutritional improvement.

They have also been an active contributor into how they can reduce salt in some of their core lines.

KFC Australia In Australia, KFC has successfully implemented sodium reduction initiatives for a number of products, making significant reductions across a range of products including: Reduced sodium across core chicken menu items by an average of 15 percent and seasoned chip salt by 21 percent 2011: Reduced sodium in burger buns by 30 percent and dinner rolls by 37 percent Further reductions across various menu items including tortillas, bacon and chicken products are currently in progress.

They have also been testing a number of sodium reduction initiatives to proactively help customers make more nutritional choices. This is just one educational initiative Australia will roll out to help customers make informed decisions when they visit KFC.

In 2014 they focused on the impact of social and cultural environment on kfc marinades, which launched in 2015. This began in 2011 when they stopped frying in palm oil, switching to high oleic rape and sunflower oils. This resulted in removal of just over 4,521 metric Tonnes of palm from their frying oil, chicken, buns, tortillas, fries, hash browns, cobettes and chocolate sauces.

KFC Australia has worked extensively with their supplier to remove palm oil from their pan frying process from all of their chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, hashbrowns and fries. Remaining markets that are currently using palm oil in products are reviewing and testing alternatives. KFC Germany At the end of 2014, KFC Germany phased out of palm oil as a cooking oil, using a new oil mix consisting of sunflower and rapeseed oil with a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, their fries are pre-fried in a palm-free oil blend.

This resulted in decreasing the fat from 12 grams to five grams per 100 grams and the total energy from 247 Calories to 198 Calories per 100 grams. The purpose of this committee is to address ways in which KFC Australia can approach and address current and future nutrition challenges and remain relevant with products to address such challenges. The group meets twice per year. Current membership of this committee includes Academics, Researchers, Consultant Nutritionists as well as a nutrition professional from one of our key suppliers.

All persons are prominent individuals in nutrition arena in Australia.

  1. Brands to feed more than two million people affected by the disaster through our partnership with the WFP. They raised enough funds to feed nearly 50,000 children through fundraising and other hunger-related activities.
  2. The new computers enable team members to complete video rich, simulated training programs for Service Mastery, Chicken Mastery and more. They have made significant progress in this area in 2015, increasing the amount of certified pulp by more than 1.
  3. The Nilai restaurant is highly decorated as it has received three green building certifications.

KFC now has a variety of Kids Meal options, including meals under 300 calories. The initiative provides a common framework for quick service restaurants and requires that members only publish or broadcast food and beverages that represent a healthier choice as determined by a set nutrition criteria to children 14 years of age and over.

KFC Australia has also voluntarily made additional commitments toward responsible marketing practices. This new meal is considered a better choice for children because it has been developed to meet a set of strict nutrition criteria for children 4-8 years of age. Stakeholders KFC Thailand KFC Thailand also continues promoting a balanced and active lifestyle among young boys ages 12-15 by supporting KFC Seven Shoot, the greatest 7-player youth football league in Thailand, offering children in every school and every community the opportunity to demonstrate their football playing abilities.

The goal of this program is to encourage children to spend their spare time exercising and show their football talent. The Platform unites social forces from very diverse fields e. All have the mutual concern of promoting healthy lifestyles for children and young people. The members make use of their specific possibilities, resources and structures to implement the jointly established objectives, field of action and concrete measures.

Furthermore all their U. As part of this they rolled out calorie information on their menu boards and in line with new EU requirements they also show energy information KJ for whole meals, not just individual items.

The Responsibility Deal is being replaced by a new obesity strategy and once again they will be impact of social and cultural environment on kfc positive partner. At the top of that list is doing things The Hard Way, the right way. In 2015, KFC U. The award is given to employees who live and breathe the passion and commitment of the KFC U. Winners are chosen based on customer satisfaction, standards execution and input from team members through Your KFC Voice, an online survey that gives team members the opportunity to voice their thoughts so our restaurants can improve.

Global Strategic Marketing: KFC’s approach to entering China

Linking team member feedback data has shown that RGMs with the highest culture restaurants also have the highest results. To encourage the culture of recognition, in 2015 KFC U. WellBeing KFC Global Global KFC headquarters initiated a new mindfulness curriculum to help employees manage stress and learn to stay present in their personal and professional lives.

So far, nearly 40 people have participated in the program and have shared great results. The leadership team added a Chief Happiness Officer which is responsible for driving recognition of employee milestones, happiness and wellness throughout all levels of the organization!

Through a series of online training models, the initiative helps employees improve their work life balance, providing wellness assessments, online webinars, exercise plans and tips on healthy eating. As part of the initiative, employees are also offered free access to healthcare providers who screen for cardiovascular issues and diabetes. It is currently made available to RSC employees, RGMs and Assistant Managers at approximately 150 company-owned stores as well as 80 franchised stores around Australia.

The number of franchisee participants is expected to increase during 2016. The ARL Capstone provides a comprehensive development experience that builds leadership skills in order for ARLs to become brand builders. In 2015, about 100 ARLs completed Capstone. Given its success, the program will be offered more frequently and both in Louisville and remote locations in 2016.

In order to get everyone on board, KFC U.

  1. The Certification recognizes companies for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions year-over-year.
  2. Thanks to improved access to learning programs using the new technology, KFC U.
  3. Please click here to see the program in action. Other measures include LED throughout the restaurant, including car parks and signage, as well as daylight-saving photocell lights.
  4. Some health concerned Chinese customers are also experiencing trust issues towards chicken fast food which stems from the 2014 antibiotic chicken safety scare and outbreak of avian flu.
  5. A dedicated team distributed Ramadan care packages at a local labor camp in Dubai to those in need.

Roughly 95 percent of RGMs in the U. The rallies were followed by a National Team Member Training Day in November, focused on a goal of 100 percent of managers and cooks completing Chicken Mastery training or recertification. As a result of the effort, the brand experienced a lift in customer satisfaction, proof that The Hard Way really is the right way.

KFC is an established Registered Training Organization, offering School Based Traineeships to those employees who wish to complete a vocational education and training qualification. Additionally, they have partnered with the University of Wollongong, providing opportunities to employees to complete an MBA Qualification.

Through these programs, employees have the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognized tertiary qualification in conjunction with on the job experience.

To support employees in furthering their education, KFC Australia offers financial support and paid study leave through its education assistance program. For more than 10 years, GLP has successfully provided a structured career path for tertiary qualified RGMs s to progress through to more senior operation management.

The GLP builds critical leadership skills in combination with broader business knowledge in a variety of cross functional departments including Human Resources, Supply Chain, Operations, Finance, Information Systems and Marketing.

More recently, KFC Australia has expanded the scope of the program to include a 12 month international placement in Dallas, Texas. Brands market to launch Leading with Heart, a game-changing character development program. They have also upskilled all of their managers so they can provide their teams with additional Leading with Heart coaching and ongoing support. Overall it will allow them to step-change the way that they lead the business and its restaurants — more engaged leaders leading more engaged teams helping KFC to become the U.

Leading with Heart has been rolled out to all RGMs and above restaurant employees totaling 1,500 employees across the U.

More than 30 internal senior leaders have been accredited to facilitate the program across equity and franchised employees through a series of nationwide roadshows. So far, facilitators have delivered 1,236 hours of training between September 2015 and January 2016. They offer Advanced Apprenticeships in hospitality management and their apprentices are supported with regular coaching and development sessions with their line manager and a Regional Apprenticeship Specialist.

As well as this support, external online tutors are assigned and act as mentors to aid apprentices with functional mathematics and English. To date, KFC U. Currently 650 are enrolled in the program and they are committed to enrolling 300 — 400 more employees in the program each year. Building on this success, they have introduced an Intermediate Apprenticeship program in hospitality services.

There is a clear strategy to rapidly expand and develop the program and they aim to deliver 5,000 apprenticeship places across both levels over the next five years. All apprentices are invited to a full graduation ceremony when they have qualified. In recognition of the hard work and dedication of the apprentices and their assessors and leaders, KFC U.

They have enrolled 60 students across three cohorts and have maintained an 87 percent retention rate throughout.