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Harley davidson case 19 thriving through the recession

From the beginning of the journey, Harley-Davidson was purposely attracting the baby boomer riders. As the riders approach sixties, the threat for the growth of Harley-Davidson has raised.

This can be seen below where the median age of purchasers of Harley-Davidson motorcycled is becoming greater. Therefore, to keep and even to increase the growth of Harley-Davidson, it is important to recruit new riders from the younger generations.

Harley Davidson Fact Book, posted November 5, 2007, at http: Another thing to be put in the strategic issue box is the gender of purchaser.

Harley davidson case 19 thriving through the recession

Even though the main purchaser of this heavyweight motorcycle is male, however, in 2000s Harley-Davidson found out that around 1 out of every 10 motorcycle owners is a female. This number is highly increasing compared to the data in 1980s. Harley-Davidson is made to understand that defining the new target market for women is a need-to-do. The world is very dynamic and everything is continuously changing over the time.

To cope with the changes, Harley-Davidson should know where they have to put their shoes. Facing the new demand situation that baby boomers are no longer becoming their main target market, Harley-Davidson should redefine the new target market, which is the younger generation. The company should recognize the youngster needs and wants toward their consumption on heavyweight motorcycle.

The scanning analysis has revealed that Harley-Davidson's future success may lie in its product development. By developing the technology to justify its purchase, Harley-Davidson may be able to remain successful in the market. Harley-Davidson should have seen the needs to build a motorcycle to appeal to the younger and international markets. It is important for the company to know what is going on in the market, but it is also important to keep their signature on their product.

Producing and maintaining the good quality of the products are the crucial part for every company.

The company needs to establish the long term and mutually beneficial relationship with its suppliers to ensure their raw materials are in a good quality, relationship with its employee to ensure each employee experts in their work, and relationship with its consumers to know their needs and wants and to know their complaints towards product.

All is to improve and maintain the quality of the product. Therefore, the company needs to hold their value chain in the organization. Going to global is another important thing to do.

The growth strategies can be used to expand the business to have more power in the market. The very high market share in US makes the other looks not significant in the market. But, when comes to European and Asian market, the market share is much lower than in the United States.

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  • The scanning analysis has revealed that Harley-Davidson's future success may lie in its product development;
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This means that outside the United States, the power of rivals are very high. To overcome this issue, the company should keep trying to expand the business by identifying and analyzing the current condition in the market. For the background story of this study case, you may refer to this source: Thriving Through A Recession.