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Future and challenges of my community of sports writers

Yet with the rise in popularity also comes the rise of challenges and adversity.

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Outlined in this article are a few challenges the sports industry currently faces. Millennials Now more than ever, the sports industry is faced with an uphill battle of finding ways to entice millennials to actually attend games.

The rise of technology has made it exponentially easier to view sporting events from the comfort of their own homes. Still, this age group will continue to challenge the sporting industry in years to come. Technology Integration One other challenge the sports industry faces is keeping up with the pace of technological advancements.

Many fans connect with their favorite teams through social media, which puts pressure on teams to constantly keep updating their Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds.

Likewise, venues must also keep up with the pace. Not having wifi can be a major turn off for fans who want to stay connected throughout the game.

Five Challenges Facing the Sports Industry

Thus, if teams are not proactive with social media and do not have the capability of enticing fans with modern technology, fans will simply not follow them nor go to games in person. Not to mention, coming up with in-game experiences are just as important, whether it be the t-shirt gun, kiss cam, chants, or anything else they can come up with.

Many business professionals and marketers might feel like everything has been done already. Finding the necessary funds for in-game experiences can be tough especially if no one shows up for the games. For some reason, news reporters such as TMZ have shifted towards being the first one to break the most recent scandal.

People thirst for these negative headlines.

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On a similar note, the NFL is being heavily criticized for its lack of research on head trauma, specifically from concussions.

These negative stories will always be challenging for the sports world. Predicting The Future The world is constantly changing. Thus, the sports industry is faced with the challenge of trying to predict the next trend, the next big idea that will capture their audience.

For example, a venue might just catch up with the current times only to find out that something new has come into play.

While the future is nearly impossible to predict, it might be worthwhile for the sports industry to study trends and attempt to predict what will be popular in the future. Overcoming Odds Even with these challenges, the sports world will continue to thrive. While some teams might fail, others will find ways to make sure they stay in business.