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Dehumanization during the holocaust and iranian revolution

And, support the right of American people to have their opinion without being threatened into silence. I do not feel that I have to demonstrate my neutrality and objectiveness by posting and discussing each and every one of them here, and then be accused of self promotion. However, I am convinced that Iran is being demonized by Western media and Western governments.

Dehumanization is a process by which a person, or a group of people, or a country as a whole is subjected to constant but subtle and overt statements of asserted demonization, for instance being called 'evil' or being compared to a historic figure like Dehumanization during the holocaust and iranian revolution which most people despise.

Dehumanization may be directed by an organization such as a state or may be the composite of individual sentiments and actions, as with some types of de facto racism. State-organized dehumanization has been directed against perceived racial or ethnic groups, nationalities or "foreigners" in generalreligious groups, genders against women and menminorities of various sexual orientations e.

Iran bashing for cheap populism! The American freedom of speech allows a person, group, or organization to speak whether truth, lies, or unjustified accusations without evidence. In 1953, American Food Corporation paid lobbyists and other news media to demonize Guatemala because Gutemala would not sell the rights to its lands to the American Food Corporation.

For instance when President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, came to U. Many decent people in U. The President of Iran won the day be being gracious, pleasant, and conciliatory. If you lookup the textbook definition of a 'dictator', you would find: Ahmadinejad was not an absolute ruler of Iran he barely has any power and had no power whatsoever to declare war and oversee Iran's dehumanization during the holocaust and iranian revolution.

In fact, after eight years in office, he is now gone and replaced by the next president of Iran. How could he have been called a 'dictator'? Additionally, when he was the President of Iran, he was voted into office by the people of Iran, and he had not declared war on any other country, nor had he been the supporter of oppression in Iran as this area falls under the responsibilities of the Supreme Revolutionary Council. First because of his naive approach to speak without a PR department guidance that educates him about the interpretations of Western media of his comments and second because we just love to hate a man that looks so 'ugly'.

Let's be honest with ourselves. He was an unattractive individual and we psychologically associate unattractive individuals to being 'bad' individuals. Most people are brainwashed that way since they were children. So why so many US politicians and all U.

Hitlerism and Nazism, an Industry of Dehumanization and Humiliation

Well, according to Cato Institute, here's the reason: Does Iran or her leader fit this definition? During dehumanization during the holocaust and iranian revolution, in meetings with Muslim clerics in Qom there were many other organizations participating that you would not associate to an 'evil Hitler-type behavior'.

The meeting's subject was: Iran is not an extremist Islamic state trying to establish an order reminiscent of a 7th century caliphate, as American politicians and media often imply - although Saudi Arabia is. And, there are nearly 20,000 non-governmental organizations active in Iran, clearly supporting the idea that civil society is well established in Iran.

How many other middle eastern countries do you know with that kind of record? Iran has not invaded any neighboring country in 300 years and remains compliant with the Non-Proliferation Treaty, two things that cannot be said for US allies India, Pakistan, or Israel.

Iran has elections although not perfect which is more than what you can find in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, or other Arab counties in the Persian Gulf. As Iran's president faces castigation by his parliament, past presidents, and the Supreme Leader for his anti-Israel statements, can you find an example of this kind of open criticism in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait - all of whom are US's allies in that region? Iran bashing is a popular hobby in Western media Iran is demonized and dehumanized simply because the Iranian nation and its government are attempting to build a healthy domestic infrastructure, and benefit from its own natural resources.

Additionally, Iran has shown at every level that it has the desire to be independent and self-sufficient to protect itself and avoid being a puppet of US or Britain. This is what commits Iran to castigation by the superpowers. Evil is reserved for countries that are unwilling to be submissive to the masters of the Universe, the U.

If Iran denationalized its oil supply and allow American companies own and operate Iranians oil fields, then you will be surprised how fast the US politicians and US media would stop calling Iran an 'evil' country and soon Iran will be regarded as a friend to the U. According to the UN, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of which Iran is a member is intended to promote cooperation in the field of peaceful nuclear technology and equal access to this technology for all State parties, while safeguards prevent the diversion of fissile material for weapons use.

Iran is a member of this treaty, which nuke owners India, Pakistan, and Israel refuse to ratify. Iran states that all nuclear initiatives within Iran are dehumanization during the holocaust and iranian revolution peaceful purposes and gives objective individuals no pretext for believing otherwise.

You can visit the nuclear facility in Iran freely and inspectors visit on a regular basis and have complete access to all of Iran's nuclear sites. Again, this is not the case with India, Pakistan, and Israel.

Netanyahu has accused Iran that it is about to build a nuclear bomb within a year, 14 times since 1995. Every time he was asked why his countless number of accusations were wrong, he claimed that he was wrong before but not this time. The claim was repeated 14 times.

Iranian Revolution of 1978–79

And Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan don't even have real elections, and there is no evidence of any democracy. After overthrowing Mossadegh through covert operations and funding a violent coup that caused the death of 1042 civilians on the streets of Teheran, U.

Iran 1979: the Islamic revolution that shook the world

From Iranian perspective, how can the U. Consequently, Iranians feel that U. How can the U. Iranians scientists are being assassinated by Israeli agents with full support and knowledge of U. Is that not an act of terrorism? Dehumanization of Iran is an act of inhumanity. Albert Sterns is an author and newspaper columnist for Springfield Times.

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