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Business process improvement methodology a case study

Managing process variations across global offices. SAI Global achieves process standardization and high levels of engagement, resulting in increased accountability. Case study Achieving more for customers with less. Case study Monitoring and reporting on audits and controls. The finance team at Adelaide Council uses Promapp for internal audit recommendations and risk management, driven by legislative changes.

Case study BPM supports risk management and continuous improvement.

Case studies.

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance integrates risk and compliance requirements directly into their processes, resulting in a clear audit trail. Case study CAE Australia insists on both compliance and performance. When CAE outgrew Visio, Promapp helped them save time, enable process ownership and engage teams in process improvement efforts.

Case Study: Process Improvement in the Financial Services Industry

Case study No negotiation on excellence and quality for manufacturer. Character Cabinets used Promapp to manage risk and make improvements in their deadline-driven industry, where reputation is everything. Case study Pressure on City of Karratha to show increased efficiencies. As demands on the council increased so did its risk, until they ensured only approved, updated processes could be accessed and followed.

  1. The value stream map of current process is created and identifies different kinds of value-added as well as non-value-added activities in this stage.
  2. The team needs to identify gaps or improvement areas e. Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance integrates risk and compliance requirements directly into their processes, resulting in a clear audit trail.
  3. VSM is a standardized way of documenting the process steps and flow of work items, and then applying a systematic way to analyze these processes in order to develop an improvement plan Ali et al.

Case study Process standardization drives efficiency and productivity. ClearView teams across multiple locations use Promapp to keep everyone on the same page, providing access to processes anywhere, anytime. Case study Community Colleges ensures consistency with Promapp. The shift from a paper-based QMS to cloud-based BPM software saves time, helps manage risk and encourages continuous improvement. Case study 4 business units integrate seamlessly.

Controlling process variations means ConnectWise can avoid duplications and efficiently share changes across the business in real time.

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Case study Promapp helps Colorpak perform at a worldclass level. Effective process management at Colorpak has resulted in improved quality and service delivery, reflected in their client feedback. Case study Integrate process improvement efforts with risk management. Case study Environment Southland outgrew Visio for process improvement.

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With Promapp, after hours issues are resolved, processes are accessible in one place and continuous improvement is supported. Case study Greenline gains gold standard of triple ISO accreditation. Managing manufacturing and safety processes drives quality and consistency, and makes up to date information available to all teams.

  • On top of all this, there was a new project in the works to replace all the DBP legacy claims systems, which meant that any solution had to be portable to the new environment;
  • Robins needed a way to capture the business rules and logic and move the data along while auditing and monitoring the work as it was being done;
  • The challenge DBP faced was the need to reduce costs and find better ways to conduct business.

Case study BPM pinpoints whether a process adds value or not. Kiama Municipal Council applies lean methodology to identify opportunities for improvement and reduce processing times, saving time and money.