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Application of the three modes of listening to amnesia the dark descent

The shadow hunting me. My name is Daniel, I live in London at. What have I done? Don't forget, don't forget. I must stop him. When the game starts, Daniel is fumbling with his memories, and wandering blindly through the castle. While the tonic achieves the desired effect and destroys the guilt that crippled him, it doesn't stop there, he struggles to recall where he even lives. As it strips him of his life's memories he starts to regret ever taking the potion.

He eventually collapses onto a rug, and is only able to remember one thing - his name. Shivering and confused, Daniel searches through the rooms and picks up a lantern, which he begins to carry with him. As it becomes more apparent that he is not alone in Brennenburg, Daniel finds a note written by himself on a desk that was prepared for him to find; 19th of August, 1839. I wish I could ask you how much you remember. I don't know if there will be anything left after I consume this drink.

Don't be afraid Daniel. I can't tell you why, but know this, I choose to forget. Try to find comfort and strength in that fact.

Wot I Think: Amnesia - The Dark Descent

There is a purpose. You are my final effort to put things right.

God willing, the name Alexander of Brennenburg still invokes bitter anger in you. If not, this will sound horrible. Go to the Inner Sanctum, find Alexander and kill him. His body is old and weak, and yours, young and strong. He will be no match for you. A Shadow is following you. It's a living nightmare - breaking down reality.

I have tried everything and there is no way to fight back. You need to escape it as long as you can. Redeem us both Daniel.

  • If Daniel repeatedly touches the two Octagram seals that require his blood in the Inner Sanctum his sanity will quickly deplete and he'll temporarily collapse;
  • Don't forget, don't forget.

Descend into the darkness where Alexander waits and murder him. Your former self, Daniel. Deciding to follow his former self's advice, Daniel begins to travel through Brennenburg. He realises that his former self's warning about a nightmarish force following him was true. This beast, The Shadow manifests and dogs his every footstep. Along the way, he begins to uncover more and more of his past by uncovering parts of his diary and notes left by the denizens of Brennenburg. But as he goes deeper and deeper into Brennenburg, and draws closer to the Inner Sanctum, he finds out that he is truly not alone.

Deformed, violent monstrosities known as The Gatherers search for him restlessly, and Daniel must use all of his wit to survive. Various times, Daniel gets past environmental barriers and works with machinery in order to move throughout the castle.

But over time, Daniel begins to lose his grip on his sanity, as he starts hallucinating and hearing voices, some of which are from a little girl. At a few points, he hears Alexander communicating with him telepathically, and Alexander asks him if "he has changed his mind.

There, he meets Heinrich Cornelius Agrippaa famous German occult writer and supposed magician, who Alexander has trapped inside of the husk of a dead body. Agrippa tells Daniel that Alexander is trying to use Daniel's Orb in order to get back to his other world, and if Daniel can get him out of the dead body, he can stop Alexander.

When Daniel attempts to access the Inner Sanctum, it is blocked by a supernatural barrier that can only be surpassed with the use of another Orb. In an attempt to get past the Inner SanctumDaniel begins to search the Transept and Choir to obtain pieces of another Orb, and to also mix the potion needed.

As Daniel begins to make the items he needs, why he has amnesia finally is revealed to him when he comes upon a dangerous memory; one of the murders he committed.

Daniel comes into a room in the Choir Entrance with strange symbols painted on the walls and candles surrounding an altar. Slowly, the memories of the room come into him, and Daniel remembers having a prisoner gagged and tied down to the altar. Lines were painted onto the man's chest and arms, and a jagged knife was produced.

In order to ward The Shadow off and extract the vitae, Daniel slowly cut open the man, using the lines painted onto him as a guide for where to cut. As the hallucination ends, Alexander communicates with him telepathically, and starts to taunt him, saying that Daniel is blaming him for all of the murders and tortures that Daniel himself committed.

Pushing on now, with all of the guilt having returned to him, Daniel finds the pieces needed to assemble the Orb and may or may not have concocted the potion. Daniel returns to the Chancelhoping to get past the portal, but he is attacked by three Gatherers and is knocked out. He wakes up in a jail cell, and Alexander begins to taunt him, saying that Daniel drank an amnesia tonic in order to forget about his own sins. The Baron tells Daniel to stay in the cell; The Shadow will kill him and will be held off, Alexander will travel through the portal, and their work will be complete.

The player can actually have Daniel do this. The troubled archaeologist will stay in his cell, and the Shadow will kill him. But if the player fights on, Daniel will escape from the cell and carry on through. If the player had Daniel escape from the dungeon, a tense pursuit between them and the Shadow commences. When Daniel makes it back to the Navehe finds that most of the area around the Chancel has completely collapsed.

Agrippa will still be alive though, and he tells Daniel that he must finish concocting the potion. After doing so, Daniel feeds Agrippa the tonic, and then uses a bone-saw to cut the head off of Agrippa, so that he will be able to move around with him. Making his way past the ruined Chancel, Daniel arrives in the Inner Sanctum.

In the Inner Sanctum, Daniel finds Alexander floating naked in midair, shining blue. Surrounding the Baron are three pillars with streams of application of the three modes of listening to amnesia the dark descent energy flowing into what will be the portal.

Alexander rants to Daniel about how now he will finally be able to return "home". From here, the story can end in three different ways.

Daniel decides to take revenge, and knocks over the three pillars connecting to the portal, ruining the ritual. The Shadow overtakes the Orb Chamber but spares the young man, leaving him unharmed. Appeased that he's atoned for his earlier actions.

Application of the three modes of listening to amnesia the dark descent

Alexanderhowever, screams and is devoured. The Shadow has no more influence over the young man due to his redeeming actions. Daniel is allowed to safely leave Brennenburg forever with a guilt-free conscience. The young man knows he can't deny the terrible acts he's committed but knows he paid his "tribute" to the fallen. He avenged the innocent and his former self as he walks into the light of day.

We hear Daniel walk though the main gate leaving the groundsthe castle then crumbles behind him as he walks away most likely caused by The Shadow, as it recedes from the castle. If Daniel does nothing at first, the portal opens up and Alexander floats towards it, leaving Daniel to face The Shadow alone.

  1. Really, having the character make yelps and frightened breathing sounds is completely unnecessary — I was making plenty of my own.
  2. Daniel is captured in the Chancel and held captive in one of the Cells. Lines were painted onto the man's chest and arms, and a jagged knife was produced.
  3. This gives the player an opportunity to take a good look at Marot, who's tied up in his little chamber. They drain sanity when looked at, are accompanied by their own harrowing theme while nearby, and utter a variety of sounds and phrases when they first appear and as they wander around.
  4. He also is not mentally disturbed by staring at enemies, disturbing events, his children's ghosts, or the Machine's taunts, implying he has a much more stable mental condition compared to the former two, which is probably the reason why sanity was removed in his game.
  5. Justine , the protagonist of the expansion Amnesia. Frictional games ab is an amnesia.

If the player uses Agrippa's head on the portal, then the ritual will be completed before Alexander can float towards it. This results in both Alexander and Daniel being consumed by The Shadow as it does not forgive him. Daniel's spirit is now trapped in darkness, but in the distance he sees blue lights appearing before him.

The voice of Agrippa is heard who seems to be pleading with Johann Weyer to take pity on the man branded by the Guardian and find a way to save him. It seems Weyer agrees and Agrippa sounds relieved and ensures Daniel that everything will be alright. The game then ends. Daniel chooses not to do anything at all, either not having Agrippa's head or simply deciding not to use it.

It taunts him with the memories of those he tortured and killed. Daniel screams knowing all is lost. It then consumes him, killing him. Daniel's body is devoured and his worst fear is finally realized as The Shadow sucks his conscious into absolute darkness that he cannot escape from. In the void, Daniel hears Alexander thanking him, saying that his 'sacrifice' will never be forgotten and he'll be celebrated forever.

Daniel is captured in the Chancel and held captive in one of the Cells.

  • Despite being inhumanely mutilated and injured by Justine's torturing, they somehow have the strength and speed to catch Justine;
  • The last two stages of sanity will cause Daniel's and Justine's vision to have a dragging blur effect and disorienting warping;
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Here, Alexander gives Daniel the option to stay where he is and let The Shadow consume him there so that Alexander can finish his ritual uninterrupted. Should Daniel remain in the cell and wait for The Shadow to consume him, the events will be similar to the previous choice, where The Shadow taunts Daniel with the voices of people he tortured before finally consuming him, Alexander completing his ritual and returning to his world, then thanking Daniel and telling him that he'll be celebrated forever.

This is the only ending where Daniel does not reach Alexander's chamber and meet him face to face. Amnesia - Revenge Ending.