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An introduction to the life and death of gaius julius caesar

Similar presentations More Presentation on theme: July 12, 100 BCE His family had noble roots, even though they were neither rich nor influential His family had noble roots, even though they were neither rich nor influential His father died around 85 BCE.

Gaius Julius Caesar: Constitutional problems

His father died around 85 BCE. He was betrothed and possibly married a wealthy young woman, Cossutia. When he was 18 his betrothal was suddenly broken off, and he married the daughter of a member of the Popular faction, Cornelia. They had a child named Julia. Caesar was forced to go into hiding when the Optimate dictator, Sulla, ordered him to divorce his wife and he refused.

  • In 59 bce Caesar had already resurrected the city of Capua , which the republican Roman regime more than 150 years earlier had deprived of its juridical corporate personality; he now resurrected the other two great cities, Carthage and Corinth , that his predecessors had destroyed;
  • Julius and Cleopatra met by a dramatic introduction that Cleopatra had set up;
  • His famous last words were immortalised by Shakespeare as "You too, Brutus?
  • He obtained resolutions from the Senate that Caesar should lay down his command presumably at its terminal date but that Pompey should not lay down his command simultaneously;
  • At Alexandria , probably aged 53, he saved himself from sudden death by his prowess as a swimmer.

He was eventually pardoned. He was awarded the civic crown for saving the life of a citizen in battle. When he was told that they meant to ask for 20 talents for his return, he insisted that he was worth 50.

The first triumvirate and the conquest of Gaul

Caesar was kidnapped on his way to Greece by Cilician Pirates. He maintained a friendly relationship with the pirates but warned them that he would find and crucify them after his release. Upon his release he kept true to his promise and tracked the pirates down with the help of volunteers. However he slit their throats before their crucifixion because they had treated him well. In 72 BCE he was elected to military tribune.

Caesar married his daughter to Pompey the Great to strengthen their alliance.

The Life and Death of Julius Caesar By; Michelle, Megan, and Melissa.

His daughter died in 54 BCE in childbirth. Crassus was killed by the Parthians in 54 BCE.

  • The answer can only be guessed from what he did do in the few months available;
  • He convinced his captors to raise his ransom, then organised a naval force, captured the pirates and put them to death;
  • A new civil war will break out under far worse conditions then the last;
  • Caesar substituted for the Roman oligarchy an autocracy that could never afterward be abolished.

When I return I shall meet a leader without an army. He than returned to Rome where he was elected consul, which legalized his position.

Gaius Julius Caesar: Sources

He crossed anyways, and upon their landing, found themselves greatly outnumbered. He pardoned all Roman citizens who were captured, including Brutus. Pompey escaped, and fled to Egypt. Here he was approached by Cleopatra and asked to help put her on the Egyptian throne. Caesar left Rome, and either immediately after or before his departure, Cleopatra gave birth to a son, Caesarion, who she claimed belonged to Caesar. Caeser travelled thorugh Asia Minor and settled the disturbances there, including those made by Pharnaces, a rebellious King.

Octavian defeated Marc Antony, who at this time was married to Cleopatra who had also had a relationship with Caesar and the two committed suicide together, leaving Octavian as the leader of the Roman Empire, which would last until 400 CE. Caeser was a skilled general, and his leadership helped Rome gain more land. His rule as a dictator lasted over ten years, although many of his decisions were made without the decision of the senate.