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An introduction to the history of l ron hubbard

An introduction to the history of l ron hubbard

Dec 29, 2016 Ross Blocher rated it did not like it The first line of the introduction says it all: Ron Hubbard's pathological compulsion to lie, his inane science fiction writing, and the bravado with which he presents it all. For example, we learn that Arsclycus was "an old society built in space, with no planet, in which there were many roads, turrets, castles, and so forth.

People were brought in and put to work there. Every time they died, they found themselves standing back in the same line again and were slipped back into a body for about ten thousand consecutive lifetimes until Arsclycus blew up.

  1. Man, I was there the night L. I never forget until the slate is clear.
  2. The one man in the world who never believes he's mad is the madman.
  3. To remain in the realm of the Great Beast.
  4. Here's an example paragraph, chosen at random, showing the dense patois of Scientology terms. Dianetics And Scientology Technical Dictionary 1975 ; 1987 edition, p.
  5. There's only one remedy for crime — get rid of the psychs!

It's separate from the thetan that comprises your true identity, but it can affect your body and show up in auditing nonetheless. The GE is passed from body to body, life after life. After dismissing Darwin who is lumped in with Lysenko and evolutionary theory in general as "a sprawling and contradictory mass of poorly compiled data", Hubbard has the audacity to present his own invented, cockamamie history of man's evolution. Basically, we all started as clams. I'm equally confident that your jaw is just fine, thank you.

After that unsubstantiated clam, he mentions that barnacles in the clam's shell eventually became our teeth, and that teeth problems can be resolved by auditing back to this time. Then he mentions birds, which were not part of our evolutionary path, but often dropped us clams, instilling a fear of falling. Dinosaurs are skipped completely, but next thing you know we are sloths.

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Then we're something like "The Piltdown Man", which is hilarious because Hubbard chose to name a specimen that was exposed as a hoax the year after this book was published in 1952. It has not been corrected as of this 2007 edition. Following that we are cavemen, and auditing back to that time can help with relationship problems. The rest of the book details the various things that happened to our thetans souls over the past 76 trillion year "whole track" - these incidents being the most important to address, since they involve our true selves.

Here Hubbard invents an absurd array of machines and behaviors used on ancient planets to trap, torture, confuse and burden our thetans with false memories and insecurities.

Apparently our immaterial thetans can be affected with electronic devices that haven't yet been invented on Earth, but were used extensively in the past.

L. Ron Hubbard

LRH frequently makes reference to supernatural effects a thetan is capable of, such as "knock[ing] off hats at fifty yards and read[ing] books a couple of countries away. Any one of these abilities demonstrated could make Scientology appear credible, but Hubbard warns followers that such displays would only make it harder for others to get up the bridge, so don't try to perform miracles to impress the "sleeping sapiens".

Here's an example paragraph, chosen at random, showing the dense patois of Scientology terms: It is of vast interest to any invader. It is of vaster interest to your preclear. How can you trap a thetan?

Scientology: A History of Man

This glossary is 59 pages for a 147-page book. There's a combination of mid-century phrases L. Ron Hubbard favored I'm sure glad they defined "hot papa suits"common words anyone should understand thanks for clearing up "coupled", "fraction" and "thin air"!

Here's a particularly daft one: DED stands for DEserveD action, an incident the preclear does to another dynamic and for which he has no motivator - i. Now he must justify the incident. He will use the things which didn't happen to him. He claims that the object of his injury really deserved it, hence the word, which is a sarcasm. If you complain of any wrongs done to you, that just means you're covering up something equally bad or worse you did to someone else first.

I'm just constantly floored at how boldly and self-assuredly L.

  1. He will use the things which didn't happen to him.
  2. Therefore you get many PCs who says they are Christ.
  3. It isn't cute or something to do for lack of something better.
  4. Moreover, this book contains several essays giving the most expansive description of the Ideal State of Man.
  5. When he emptied the purse of man and the heart of women; it seeks onward and outward.

Ron Hubbard lied, making reference to research that obviously never took place, factual claims that are clearly false, and sci-fi scenarios as unbelievable as they are poorly written.