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A review of the book of genesis and the characters

Who wrote the book? Old Testament books seldom include a byline. So we look to outside sources to discover authorship. Jewish tradition and other biblical authors name Moses, the prophet and deliverer of Israel, as the author of the entire Pentateuch—the first five books of the Old Testament. His education in the courts of Egypt Acts 7: Moses wrote Genesis for the people of Israel, whom he led out of slavery in Egypt back to the land of their forefathers.

Genesis provides a history of those forefathers—their origins, their journeys, and their covenants with God. The first eleven chapters of Genesis paint the early history of the human race in broad strokes. Genesis covers the most extensive period of time in all of Scripture, longer than the other books in the Bible combined! Why is Genesis so important? To the original readers of Genesis, the book was valued as a history of their people. It told them the story of how God created the world and dealt with all humanity until He initiated a personal relationship with their forefather Abraham.

Genesis revealed to them the eternal promises God made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—promises which extended to their descendants. Here we learn ancient history and geography and are introduced to significant people and events found later in the Bible.

Bible Characters and Themes

God also reveals many facets of His nature through His dealings with people. What's the big idea? The Bible is divided into two major parts, the Old and New Testaments. Testament is another word for covenant. Sin broke the perfect peace between God and humanity Genesis 3 and instead of enjoying the blessing God intended, humanity was burdened with the curse.

But God established His plan for redemption and blessing through covenants, first with Abraham Genesis 12: These promises applied to the Israelites in Egypt and to later generations. How do I apply this? Keep God, not just the people, in mind as you read through the book. Consider His character qualities. Or His anger over sin? Or the way He fulfilled His promises to everyone? Awareness of each of these characteristics should evoke worship. Remember that the Lord is strong, faithful, and just.

And His desire to bless His creation will one day be fully realized. Walter Bauer and others, eds. University of Chicago Press, 1979154. Shop Now Insight for Living Ministries Resources My small group and I have been greatly blessed, and I want to let you know and thank you for inspiring us to "strengthen our grip," even in this current time where things seem to have only gotten worse.