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A discussion on the benefits of playing video games

Which might make this article a little contradicting… The truth is, the majority of young people growing up today love video games.


And since technology just keeps advancing, the excitement levels keep rising. I grew up just as gaming at home was coming onto the scene and really starting to develop.

Is it bad for your health? Over time, these two skills become second nature, and indirectly improve the speed of which your brain can make certain decisions.

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They Reduce Stress Another great benefit of video games is that they help reduce stress. However, another study which monitored the heart rate of regular gamers over a 6 month period, did show that gaming can lower stress levels.

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This was mainly the case for people specializing in small incisions. Any game that engages the player into standing up and moving the controller, entices kids into go out and playing the sport for real.

The game essentially allowed you to create you own world using materials you could find in your current environment.

10 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

You were only limited to your imagination. This game, along with many others, can dramatically improve your cognitive function and unleash your creativity.

In fact, the first time I ever played the online version of a game, the internet bill was so ridiculous I almost got banned from playing full stop. They Actually Help Improve Your Vision Your mom always used to tell you not to sit so close to the television when you were younger, right?

15 Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

Noticing slight movements, shadows etc. I believe picking up these observation skills also helps improve your vision.

A study that was conducted showed that after 10 weeks of playing, people were able to better distinguish different shades of grey. Well, since most games involve rewards, achievements, unlocks, new skills and so on; this gives players the drive to achieve them. This motivation, according to researchers, is transferred from video games to real life.

Many people who play video games also gain the motivation to excel in their careers. Video games apparently are one of the best things to help you do exactly that.

The benefits of playing video games.

Many smokers, alcoholics and binge eaters find that putting a video game controller in their hands completely takes their mind off their cravings. Essentially, playing video games has helped a lot of people to quit some very bad and unhealthy habits. What do you think to these benefits? Leave a comment below.