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A comparison of arthur burling and sheila burling in the book an inspector calls

This time difference makes the Audience more knowledgeable than the characters and makes the audience think that the characters are stupid in the things they say and do. In a radio broadcast Priestly said that after and during the war people had a sense of community and purpose, which was doing well for others as well for themselves.

Too many people only think about themselves and what is best for them.

A comparison of arthur burling and sheila burling in the book an inspector calls

So he wrote about what happens to people who are selfish and what they can cause. He is also a well-dressed smart man, and likes to keep up his good appearance. He uses pompous language and is full of self importance. He started the whole chain of events off with Eva Smith. Also she was a ringleader of the strike which took place after he refused the pay rise.

  • Compares the characters of Sheila and essay birling on sheila calls an inspector Mrs Birling;
  • He started the whole chain of events off with Eva Smith;
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  • Priestley 3918 words - 16 pages writing;
  • It was with these influences and his own personal beliefs of community and human socialism that Priestley wrote 'An Inspector Calls'- characterising the Birling's and Gerald Croft as the standard middle class family of the time- the suicide of Eva Smith as the tragedy caused by their own mistakes WW1 and the recurrence of the tragedy as what occurred when they did not learn from their previous errors WW2 The Function of the Inspector in the Play An Inspector Calls by J.

Eva was automatically sacked. After the inspector is deemed a fake he goes back to being normal, big headed and arrogant. He interacts with the inspector well at first until the inspector starts questioning him. Sheila Birling changes from being spoilt and attention seeking to a caring person. She does this as she is very impressionable.

She tells her family that they are all to blame for what has happened. When the inspector comes in she asks lots of questions about what is happening, and is horrified when she finds out.

Sheila got on very well with the inspector.

Sheila got on very well with Gerald and her mum Sybil. She was rude to Eric about his drinking and made little comments trying to get one over on him.

Also when they are not centre of attention they both get angry and do things that are not nice. The effect this has on the audience is that they think they should be nicer to people rather than to be horrible, and cause such tragedies as people committing suicide. Also it is mainly the upper class being horrible to the lower class and he wants them to all be one class. He also shows us what upper class people were like, being selfish.

Essay birling on sheila calls an inspector

On the other hand, Sheila Birling changed for the better, being helpful, nice and kind to the lower class citizens, because she knows what she had done with Eva Smith had been wrong. Finally I think JB Priestly clearly must have felt that it was important to convey the message of how poorly the lower class were treated by the upper class, and how he wanted them all to be equal.

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