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A biography of the life and times of tycho brahe

Nicholas Reimers Ursus 1551-1600.

Tycho Brahe Biography

Unholy Roman empire court mathematician from 1591 to 1600. Nicholas Reimers was the son of a swineherd from the present day Holstein region in northern Germany. In 1559, the region was conquered by Denmark and became part of that kingdom with Danish now spoken as well as German.

Reimers visited Unaniborg and managed to steal the solar model of Tycho. In 1588, Reimers added an additional surname Ursus bear to his name and wrote a book based on the Tychonic model. He was the "bait" to lure Tycho to Prague. The second of our deadly duo is Johannes Kepler now known as one of the "fathers" of "science. Unholy Roman empire court mathematician from 1601 to1612. This sinister Jesuit managed to become the assistant of the great scientist and astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Kepler was an absolutely unknown figure in the world of astronomy until he sent a book to Brahe, who was then in exile from his own country. On the same day as Brahe received Kepler's book, he also received a horribly libelous book by Ursus claiming that he Brahe was forced to leave Denmark for some horrible crime.

A colorful life

Tycho began a correspondence with Kepler and eventually invited him to Prague. He sees Kepler as useful for one purpose only: Kepler agrees to help him prosecute Ursus for libel. Tycho never trusted Kepler and refused to show him his charts and calculations. Tycho Brahe in Prague Forced to flee his native land with the Inquisition hot on his heels, Tycho published his masterpiece entitled: Astronomiae Instaurate Mechanica, and he mailed copies to all the principal courts in Europe.

No door opened to him except one: His other brothers hated him and that is why he moved his headquarters to Prague.

He was thrilled to have such a brilliant mathematician and astronomer at his court and made all kinds of financial promises which never materialized. Tycho's deadly enemy, the plagiarist and slanderer Ursus, had been court astrologer to this superstitious king since 1591. When Ursus heard that Tycho was coming to Prague he left town quickly and died shortly thereafter because dead men tell no tales!!

Kepler joined Tycho Brahe in Prague In 1600, Kepler managed to insinuate himself into the confidence of Tycho Brahe and was appointed assistant mathematician. He immediately began to make demands.

The one demand that Tycho refused to grant was access to his observations. Tycho attends a banquet. While there, the illness that would take his life came on with alarming rapidity. For the next ten days he would writhe in agony, on the last night feverishly repeating the refrain, "May I not have appeared to have lived in vain!

It was also at this time that, conscious of how low the family finances had fallen, he made a special point of bequeathing his observational logbooks and instruments—the most valuable possessions he owned—to his heirs.

And so, on the twelfth day from this, which was October 24, when he had lived 54 years, 9 months, and 29 days, the illustrious and most noble Lord Tycho Brahe, a singular gift of nature and an ornament to literature, was taken away. Kepler succeeded Tycho as court mathematician!! Tycho had specified in his will that his heirs should get all his observations—over 34 volumes representing almost 40 years of hard work. With Copernicus and Galileo, Kepler is now known as one of the "fathers" of "science" thanks to the work of Tycho Brahe.

His family belongs to the highest order of nobility in the country. Saint Martin Luther goes home to Heaven. He attends the university of Rostock instead.

Kirsten was a commoner so her children by Tycho were considered commoners and not entitled to Danish hereditary nobility status. Without the aid of a telescope he takes careful measurements of the stars and planets. His calculations are proving that the Ptolemaic and Copernican models of the universe are absolutely untenable.

He calls it the Tychonic system. A self "educated" son of a swineherd named Nicholas Reimers visits the observatory and manages to copy some of his heavenly charts. April 1588 His patron, King Frederick II, dies at the young age of 54 poisoned of course and he is replaced by a regency. July 1588 Nicholas Reimers adopts the additional surname Ursus the bear and publishes a book entitled: Foundation of Astronomy in which he claims Brahe's solar model as his own—with some minor alterations.

He mails copies of his book to all potential sponsors. Rudolf is a superstitious Roman Catholic, and the principal task of his court mathematician is the preparation of horoscopes.

The new king refuses all financial support to the observatory. Tycho is accused of all kinds of petty offences and he is forced to abandon his island observatory—the best and most advanced research institute in Europe at that time.

June 1597 Tycho makes his last observation on the island on March 15. He packs up all his belongings and moves to Copenhagen.

  1. To the world at the time, this was a disquieting discovery, because the intellectual community protected itself against the uncertainties of the future by confidence in the Aristotelian doctrine of inner and continuous harmony of the whole world.
  2. Ursus— the libelous writer and court astrologer— leaves town in a hurry.
  3. The new king refuses all financial support to the observatory.

The new king refuses to help him and his Lutheran pastor on the island is thrown into jail and threatened with beheading. Tycho sees the handwriting on the wall and decides to leave his homeland. August 1597 Nicholas Reimers Ursus publishes a book entitled Astronomical Hypotheses in which he makes scabrous, outrageous attacks on Tycho.

The book is so libelous that the printer is not even named.

Brief biography of Tycho Brahe

He implies that Tycho was never legally married and actually committed incest with his daughters. He implies that Tycho left Denmark because of some horrible crime. Hoping to find a sponsor at some royal court he published his masterpiece entitled: Astronomiae Instaurate Mechanica, and mails copies to all the principal courts of Europe.

No door opens to him except one: Kepler praises Tycho's astronomy and is very anxious to join him in his work. He tells Tycho that he never intended for Ursus to publish his letter. Ursus— the libelous writer and court astrologer— leaves town in a hurry. He dies shortly thereafter because dead men tell no tales. Tycho was about to prosecute him for his plagiarism and malicious character assassination.

Tycho is appointed court mathematician in his stead. Tycho finds Kepler useful for one purpose only: Kepler agrees to write a book exposing the plagiarism of Ursus. Tycho does not trust Kepler and refuses to show him his charts.

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Kepler is furious and begins to make all kinds of demands. He gains access to all of Tycho's instruments and charts. Kepler lauds Galileo's book with a book of his own entitled: A Converstaion with the Starry Messenger. Kepler had predicted a long life for him in one of his horoscopes!!

Tycho Brahe

This was one of the most devastating wars in the history of the world. The unholy Roman empire received a deadly blow from which it would never recover!!