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5 what is the connection between the waterfall model and the iterative and incremental model

An iterative process is one that makes progress through successive refinement. A development team takes a first cut at a system, knowing it is incomplete or weak in some perhaps many areas. The team then iteratively refines those areas until the product is satisfactory. With each iteration, the software is improved through the addition of greater detail.

For example, in a first iteration, a search screen might be coded to support only the simplest type of search.

5 what is the connection between the waterfall model and the iterative and incremental model

The second iteration might add additional search criteria. Finally, a third iteration may add error handling. A good analogy is sculpting. First, the sculptor selects a stone of the appropriate size.

Agile & Waterfall Methodologies – A Side-By-Side Comparison

Next, the sculptor carves the general shape from the stone. At this point, one can perhaps distinguish the head and torso, and discern that the finished work will be of a human body rather than a bird.

Next, the sculptor refines her work by adding detail. However, the sculptor is unlikely to look on any one area as complete until the entire work is complete.

  • There isn't one software process;
  • When rapid production is more important than the quality of the product;
  • The design of a system built according to the iterative and incremental model must allow for incremental builds.

An incremental process is one in which software is built and delivered in pieces. Each piece, or increment, represents a complete subset of functionality.

101 Ways to Get Inspired About Agile

Each increment is fully coded and tested, and the common expectation is that the work of an iteration will not need to be revisited. She may select small increments first the nose, then the eyes, then the mouth, and so on or large increments head, torso, legs and then arms.

  1. Software processes should be selected and tailored to the culture of the organization, the experiences and talents of the individuals involved, and the unique requirements of the project. Software Process - the series of steps a person or organization follows to produce a software system.
  2. Regardless of the names given to each phase of the software life-cycle the activities throughout the life of a software system follow a predictable path.
  3. A loop around the circle represents one phase in the process.

However, regardless of the increment size, the incremental sculptor would attempt to finish the work of that increment as completely as possible. Scrum and agile are both incremental and iterative.

  1. An iteration results in an increment.
  2. The spiral model deals with risks early in the software life-cycle when there is more time to deal with problems the risks may cause and before there is significant amount of work completed which can be affected.
  3. Neither iterative nor incremental is all that great alone.
  4. An increment is growth in the product.

They are iterative in that they plan for the work of one iteration to be improved upon in subsequent iterations. They are incremental because completed work is delivered throughout the project. To do this, the team would build a little of every part of the site—profile management, searching, ads, etc. The team would then revisit all parts, improving each.

The team would then revisit all parts again, making further improvements.

In this purely iterative way, the entire site is getting a little better. Next, consider developing the same site with a purely incremental, but not iterative process. If a dating site were built incrementally, the team would build and perfect profile management before starting on any other part of the site.


They would then build and perfect a second area, say searching, before moving onto the third area. Each functional area would be made perfect before the next area was started.

Neither iterative nor incremental is all that great alone. But together—as they are with Scrum—they are fantastic. Unsubscribe at any time.