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Next year...
The 2015 exhibition will be held on Sunday, 21 June.

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Last year...

The 2014 exhibition was yet another success story! Even bigger and better than before. Watch this space for the organiser's Review and photos.




Wightcat Crafts
Wightcat Crafts

Please download a poster if you would like to promote the 2014 exhibition in your area!

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Exhibition Poster 2015

The exhibition for everything parchment craft - and more!

Take an unforgettable day out to see thousands of beautiful exhibits, watch demonstrations, take part in make-and-take sessions and buy your parchment craft supplies. Information and advice available from parchment craft tutors and representatives of both the Parchment Craft Guild and Association of Parchment Crafters are available to answer questions and take new membership subscriptions.

Workshops run by experts in parchment craft are held on the day at the Exhibition venue and also on the following day at a different location.

The exhibition venue is the old passenger shed, just outside the entrance to Bristol Temple Meads train station (Brunel's Old Station). Click here for information about this beautiful venue and the many upcoming events.

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2015 Exhibition - Sunday, 21 June!

Hello Everyone

To all the visitors who came to the Bristol Exhibition this year, thank you for supporting this event. It certainly is becoming the place where everyone wants to be, demonstrators, teachers as well as visitors. We try to make the day interesting with make-and-take and workshops. Butterflies and owls were the theme this year; always difficult to judge how long these projects take as some visitors are so quick and race away and almost finish while other visitors can't quite get as much done as they would like. But we do our best.

It also was the perfect time to talk to Carl Golder and Lucie Roper (for those that did not know the publicist now known as Warners Publications). Parchment Craft Magazine is still the same for us, just the management has changed. It was a perfect opportunity for Lucie to say hello and also find out what this lovely craft is all about and I think we gave her a fair idea. Carl found time to go around and have a chat as well. Almost all the magazines brought to Bristol sold out, which was excellent. They still have more back in the office though!

This year we had more tables and chairs around the show to give you a break from walking around and somewhere pleasant to sit and see what you might like to look at next... the crystals, ribbons, pencils, sticky glue, Tattered Lace dies or stamps and so much more. That's without the beautiful pattern packs that teachers had prepared for the show.

The Association of parchment crafters at the entrance was busy with members and renewed memberships. The Guild also had an excellent day with new members and memberships.

It was the busiest show yet and it is encouraging to see that parchment craft is showing an increase in numbers and popularity. I believe we are growing all the time, especially with the retail stands and finding out what you would like to see. What I did notice was several men supporting their wives at Bristol. It is so nice to see they had obviously driven them to the exhibition and spent the day carrying all the bags of goodies. A big thank you to them.

We received great compliments about the refreshments and how fresh they were and how pleasant the caterers were, so I will pass this on to them.

Next Year -

Things we shall rectify next year is a banner of some sort outside the entrance, which is quite concealed. It's okay when you have been a couple of times. A few people brought this to our attention.

Another thing is that although I have lists of participants and their table numbers on the website, there is no list on display at the entrance, neither are the tables numbered. Lucie has said she will get the numbers printed for us and maybe next year we can get them pinned to the corner of each table.

Entrance tickets - I shall try and keep the same prices.

We can do this all over again next year. The date is already set - Sunday, 21 June 2015 at the Brunel Building , Temple Meads, Bristol.

I was so pleased to meet so many visitors that I have come to know over the years while arranging these shows. A big thank you to everyone involved who spent months and months of preparation.

Should you have anything at all that might interest us please get in touch would love to hear from you.


One thing I have no control over is the car park and what they charge. That's Bristol City Council!

What our 2014 Retailers Said!

We will be bringing all sorts of parchment craft tools, patterns and accessories ...more from Kingfisher Crafts
Wightcat Crafts will be selling Pergamano products and also Indigoblu stamps ...more from Wightcat Crafts
Fantastic Creations is a family business specialising in parchment craft and card making supplies. They will be selling Tattered Lace dies - samples and demonstrations available ... more from Fantastic Creations
The 2014 Workshops
Linda ran two workshops: 10:30 to 12:30 and 1:30 to 3:30. The project, a 3D Owl in White Work with a special twist, was a huge success!

Linda's Exhibition Workshop

The Owl Family - 2014 exhibition workshop
Gail's Make-and-Take

Gail's beautiful 2014 make-and-take butterfly project.
Tutors' Workshop 2014

     Would you like to demonstrate or exhibit next year? next year?

Would you like to demonstrate at the Bristol Exhibition next year? Perhaps you would like to donate an hour of your time to give a demonstrator a break around lunch time, or get them a well deserved and welcome drink.

Tables are supplied free of charge by the organiser as well as lunch, including tea, coffee and bottled water. Selling your own designs is permitted but the organiser would be very grateful for 10% of the takings to go towards the cost of the lunches and venue.

Accommodation for demonstrators can be arranged, upon request.

Download an application form, fill it in and either email it or print it and pop it in the post:

Demonstrators Application

Retailers Application
Photos! Here are some photographs taken during the 2014 exhibition!

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